Open Classes

Ongoing classes intended for dancers who desire a thorough and thoughtful practice or tune up. We offer a range of classes from open company classes that are rooted in the style of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company to classes with professional teachers including dancers in the company.

Space is limited. Advance purchase is recommended.
We will begin releasing spots to the waitlist 5 minutes prior to the beginning of each class.

embodying embryology

Body-mind centering® study group led by RoseAnne Spradlin

Our development never stops, we are continually evolving, unspooling our potential.  How can the body organize itself for dance from this knowledge, this place?

Classes will involve individual explorations led by RoseAnne, grounded in the BMC® embryological work.  There will also be time for individual and group improvisation and group experience and discussions.  No previous experience with the BMC® work is necessary.

2017 Summer Workshop

This workshop is geared towards advanced and professional level dancers.For 35 years, the BTJ/AZ Company has been on the leading edge of contemporary art, moving audiences around the world with the athleticism, intelligence, and human resonance of its work. Now, the 2017 Summer Workshop will offer immersion in the rigorous training, creative methods and worlds of thought at the core of the Company’s newest works. Guided by experienced and passionate teachers from the Company, participants will take classes in contemporary technique in the Company’s style, partnering, speech training, and composition; engage in discussions at the intersections of art, history, and contemporary culture; and will have the opportunity to grow in the warmth of a community of peers who like to sweat and are called to strive.

Lead instructor, company member Talli Jackson with Jenna Riegel, Christina Robson and Carlo Antonio Villanueva.

Daily Schedule

10-12 Technique Class
Technique with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Co. uses the vocabulary and stylistic sensibilities developed by Bill T. Jones and Janet Wong to prepare dancers for the work of the Company. The classes are informed by our passion for rigor, subtlety, musicality and eclecticism, and seek to train strong, highly articulate dancers with an extensive qualitative palette.

12-1 Speech Training / Phrasework (alternating days)
Speech Training
We’ll share skills and insights into authentic and naturalistic ways of performing text within and outside the context of movement.

This is a chance for students to take a deep dive into some of the Co.’s quintessential movement material and really embody the complex mixture of athleticism and refinement that exemplifies the Co.

1-2 Lunch
Over the course of the week we’ll have two lunches where students will have a chance to connect with each other and the Company in a focused, communal way. With a room full of inquisitive, passionate people, it’s always exciting to see where conversation takes us!

2-3:50 Partnering Class
The BTJ/AZ Co.’s approach to partnering has its roots in Bill and Arnie’s experiments in Contact Improvisation, which began over four decades ago. We are interested in real listening, the explicit and intuitive understanding of safe and efficient ways of moving with other people’s bodies, and innovative choice making in improvisational and choreographic contexts.

4-6:30 Repertory/Composition
Taking inspiration from the Analogy trilogy, we’ll explore new approaches to composition and work to develop dynamic synergies between text and movement, challenging ourselves to create not only as dancers, but also as performers with voices, character and theatrical presence. The week will culminate in an informal lecture/demonstration-style showing of material developed and refined over the course of the week.

Evolve your Craft. Ignite your Mind. Dance your Edges.

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