Preeti Vasudevan : Shared Practice-Stories by Hand

OCT 28, 2PM-4PM

@New York Live Arts Studios


Shared Practice-Stories by Hand


The two-hour Shared Practice will showcase aspects of the world premiere piece Stories by Hand, by Preeti Vasudevan.  The background of this process is based on identity and memories. The audience will see a rehearsal of excerpted parts in a ‘stop-and-go’ manner.

The time will be spilt by involving the audience to participate through writing, drawing and moving as part of Preeti’s work to see the impact of her rehearsal on their own memories.

In Shared Practice workshops, Live Arts season artists share the physical and creative practices behind their work. Each process focused session provides participants an opportunity to recharge their own artistry by experiencing different approaches to making and moving with similarly-motivated professionals.

About the Artist:
Preeti Vasudevan