Mx’d Messages

Curated by Mx Justin Vivian Bond

Trans-genre artist Mx Justin Vivian Bond curates a series examining the idea of a world without binaries–across gender, politics, theology, sensory perception and race.

Richard Move and MoveOpolis!, kick off the festival with the world premiere of XXYY and a special performance celebrating the 20th anniversary of Martha@…

Mx’d Messages continues March 14-19 with a keynote conversation, lunch time reading series, an afternoon film program curated by Dirty Looks, Happy Hour panel discussions on trans-theology, afrofuturism, activism and social justice, caregiving and choral workshops, Prime Time genre bending performance events including the TEAM’s RoosevElvis (Re_MX’D), Mx Bond’s House of Whimsy and more, and ends with a queer punk rock dance party.

Live Ideas is an annual humanities festival of arts and ideas, exploring the ideas, controversies and thinking informing a different bodily-oriented theme each time out. Past festivals have included The Worlds of Oliver Sacks, James Baldwin, This Time!, SKY-Force and Wisdom in America Today, curated by Laurie Anderson, and MENA/Future-Cultural Transformations in the Middle East North Africa Region.

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Mar 8-11 at 7:30pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Richard Move and MoveOpolis!: XXYY & Martha@20

Richard Move/MoveOpolis! opens New York Live Arts Live Ideas 2017 with the world premiere of XXYY and Martha@20, a special performance celebrating the 20th anniversary of Martha@… XXYY is a poetic and otherworldly dance-theater event exploring the multiplicities of the gender spectrum while deconstructing the conventional binaries of male and female....

Mar 14 at 5:30pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios

Celebrate the start of the second week of Live Ideas with the curators, artists, and participants.

Mar 14 at 7pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater

Moderated by Kenny Mellman of Kiki and Herb with musician/writer/performer Lynn Breedlove, musician/artist Joel Gibb, and visual artist/writer/musician Cristy Road, the conversation will look at the transformative powers of Punk through the lens of Homocore/Queercore.  “The Queercore scene grew out of a generation that bristled against what...

Mar 15 at 1pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Lunch Time Reading: M. Lamar Funeral Doom Spiritual

Composer, musician, performer, multimedia artist, and counter tenor will share his recently released book Funeral Doom Spiritual.  Published by RITA Books.

Mar 15 at 2:30pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Afternoon Delight by Dirty Looks: Hardcore Home Movies

Dirty Looks assembles a screening of “Hardcore Home Movies,” a program of explicit, Homocore shorts from luminaries of the scene, like G.B. Jones, Bruce La Bruce, Scott Treleaven and Vaginal Davis, as well as lesser known works by artists like Jill Reiter, Jonesy (of the queercore band Fagbash) and Greta...

Mar 15 at 5:30pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Happy Hour: Creating Black Futures

Artists, theorists, and activists discuss the radical potential of genre fiction and Afrofuturist art in relation to current social justice movements. Panelists include artist niv Acosta, artist E Jane, activist/writer/artist Reina Gossett, and author Andre Carrington among others.

Mar 15 at 8:30pm
Prime Time: Trajal Harrell - The Return of La Argentina

Presented offsite at Participant Inc. In this solo the choreographer/dancer invites audience to a fictional archiving of Butoh co-founder Kazuo Ohno’s renowned solo Admiring La Argentina as directed by Butoh’s other founder Tatsumi Hijikata and dedicated to the famed Spanish dancer Antonia Mercé. Performance followed by a...

Mar 16 at 1pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
LUNCHTIME READING: Casey Legler, Godspeed

Best known for being the first woman with a contract as a male Ford Model, the artist/activist and former Olympic swimmer will share her forthcoming memoir Godspeed at this Lunchtime Reading. Publisher-Atria Books /Simon and Schuster.

Mar 16 at 2:30pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Afternoon Delight by Dirty Looks: Bight of the Twin

Hazel Hill McCarthy III, HD Video, 55min., 2016 Transcending assumptions of what it means to be “gendered,” Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and late wife Lady Jaye underwent a series of surgical procedures to become physically identical to one another, seeking to perfect a gender-neutral state through a process they termed Pandrogyny. In...

Mar 16 at 5:30pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Happy Hour: Specter Spectrum: Exploring Trans Theologies

What are the possibilities when we consider how the study of beliefs, spiritual practices, and the divine are always already “trans”?  Join our panelists theologian Linn Marie Tonstad, artist/activist Viva Ruiz, Wazina Zondon (Coming Out Muslim) and Rabbi Mark Sameth whose NY Times article “Is God Transgender” went viral.  Moderated...

Mar 16 at 8pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Prime Time: the TEAM – RoosevElvis (Re-MX’D)

On a hallucinatory road trip from the Badlands to Graceland, the spirits of Elvis Presley and Theodore Roosevelt battle over the soul of Ann, a painfully shy meat-processing plant worker, and what kind of man or woman Ann should become. A duet performed by actresses Libby King and Kristen Sieh,...

Mar 17 at 1pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Lunch Time Reading: Vetch Poetry Journal

A selection of readings organized by Vetch Poetry Journal co-editors Stephen Ira and Kay Gabriel, the first literary journal devoted to transgender writers. Readings from Che Gossett, Wren Hanks, Zefyr Lisowski, Thel Seraphim, and Jayson Smith.

Mar 17 at 2:30pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Afternoon Delight by Dirty Looks: Stadt Der Verlorenen Seelen (City of Lost Souls)

Directed by Rosa Von Praunheim, 16mm on dv, 91min., 1983. Angie Stardust has a lot on her plate, running a boarding house called Pension Stardust filled with misfit lodgers: an erotic trapeze duo, a magikal group therapist, assorted layabouts, nymphomaniacs and Lila (Jayne County), a Southern blonde who dreams of Hollywood....

Mar 17 at 5:30pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Happy Hour: United Nations Commission on the Status of Women: Where is my Box?

Presented in conjunction with OutRight and on the occasion of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, will look at the tension between creating a world without binaries and the diminishing rights of women. Panelists include ACLU staff lawyer and LGBTQI activist, Chase Strangio, Micah Grzywnowicz, Jessica Stern and...

Mar 17 at 8pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater

A two-part evening of performance by Bay Area artists that confronts identity and politics. Brontez Purnell Dance Company will perform the world premiere of Chronic: A Dance About Marijuana. Oakland-based trans musician, pop singer/songwriter Star Amerasu will present the musical project AH-MER-AH-SU.

Mar 18 at 1pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
What Would An HIV Doula Do?: WORKSHOP: What Would an HIV Doula Do?

The What Would an HIV Doula Do? collective will host a participatory workshop about how to honor, support and activate transitions in personal health and the political climate through the lens of the ongoing AIDS crisis. The collective will partner with members of the 1990s group WAVE (Women’s AIDS Video...

Mar 18 at 5:30pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Happy Hour: The Road to Trans Visibility: Roles, Trolls, and Tolls

Transgender visibility in the media is at an all-time high, with film and television, fashion shoots, and advertising campaigns featuring trans talent. Actor/activist Laverne Cox, performer/fashion icon Cecilia Gentili, film director Silas Howard, and model Casey Legler, among others, discuss the responsibilities and challenges, if any, of being a trans person...

Mar 18 at 8pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater

An alluring, edgy and irreverent evening of divas and deviants from the downtown performance scene—selected and introduced by Mx Justin Vivian Bond. Performances from artists Big Dipper, Dane Terry, Wo Chan, Janani Balasubramanian, Kate Bornstein, Lynn Breedlove, Severely Mame, Nath Ann Carrera and Taja Lindley. Established favorites mingle with...

Mar 19 at 2:30pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Colin Self: WORKSHOP: Open Xhoir Practice

Led by Colin Self, participants will blend their voices to create and experiment with new sounds. Xhoir is a non-utilitarian vocal ensemble. The goal of Xhoir is to foster a generative environment for individuals to connect and experiment with voice and vocality on an individual and collective level. Xhoir is...

Mar 19 at 6pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater

An evening of non-binary Punk Pagan Witchery to celebrate the Vernal Equinox. Featuring a spoken word set by visual artist/writer/musician Cristy C. Road, punk musician Lynn Breedlove and The Homobiles, and performance and DJ sets by Macy Rodman and DJ Horrorchata. Hosted by The Dauphine of Bushwick.