Season at a glance

MAR 19-23, 10AM-12PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company: Open Company Class

Open Company Classes with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company is rooted in the style of the Company as developed by Bill T. Jones and Janet Wong. Progressing from somatic floor work to standing exercises, technical and creative challenges culminate in lush, expressive phrase work. SCHEDULE Monday: I-Ling Liu Tuesday: Jenna...

MAR 22-24, 7:30PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Alice Sheppard / Kinetic Light: Descent

Performed on an architectural ramp installation with hills, curves and peaks, DESCENT celebrates the pleasure of reckless abandon. Obliterating assumptions of what dance, beauty, and disability can be, this evening-length duet takes audiences on a transformative ride. Andromeda and Venus, reimagined as interracial lovers, claim their desire as wheels fly...

Mar 23 & 24, 6PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Kaneza Schaal: Live Feed In-Process - The Cotillion

The Cotillion is a companion piece to Schaal’s JACK & and expands the investigation of ceremonial entrances into society. From re-entry into society after prison, to ‘entering society’ at debutante balls, The Cotillion draws on traditions of mimicry and...

MAR 25
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Arnie Zane: A Celebration of Arnie Zane

This day of celebration will include movement workshops, stories, performance, installation and will launch a year of remembering and re-introducing Arnie Zane: Artist. Arnie Zane was a choreographer, dancer, one half of a famous partnership, co-founder of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company.  Lesser known was Arnie Zane the...

Mar 28-31, 7:30PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Joanna Kotze: What will we be like when we get there

World premiere Bessie Award winner Joanna Kotze presents What will we be like when we get there, a new interdisciplinary dance performance created with long time collaborators Netta Yerushalmy (dancer/choreographer), Jonathan Allen (visual artist) and Ryan Seaton (composer/musician). This team investigates physical, emotional, and artistic spectrums while reflecting on personal...

APR 2, 12PM-5PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company: Audition Notice

WHAT: Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company is looking for TWO HIGHLY SKILLED FEMALE-IDENTIFYING DANCERS WITH EXPERIENCE IN ACTING AND SINGING. Tentative start date is May 7, 2018. This is approximately a 25-week salaried position with full health benefits. WHEN: Auditions will be held on Monday, April 2, 2018 from 12:00 PM...

April 4-7, 8PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Jack Ferver: Everything is Imaginable

World premiere Jack Ferver’s interdisciplinary performance work, Everything Is Imaginable, juxtaposes the lives, virtuosity and fantasies of its five queer performers. In turns manic and poetic, the work addresses ideas of genre, sexuality, success, friendship, and loss. Ferver is joined by American Ballet Theater principal James Whiteside, principal dancer with Martha Graham...

Apr 13 & 14, 6PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Kimberly Bartosik/daela: Live Feed In-Process - I hunger for you

In I hunger for you, deeply internalized forces of faith, violence, life force, and compassion pulse through bodies that exist in a mesmerizing, starkly beautiful, often dangerous world.  In a world defined by light and is absence, the work looks deeply into the heart of the impulse to lose oneself...

Opening reception March 7, 5-7PM
March 7–18, March 26–April 13
@ New York Live Arts Lobby
Knowing that Your House is On Fire- New paintings by Jonathan Allen

New large-scale mixed-media works on denim inspired by and responding to the physical processes of making dance, and collaborating across disciplines. Opening MAR 7, 5–7pm Jonathan Allen works in painting, collage, video, and performance and frequently collaborates with poets and performers. He will be performing in Joanna Kotze’s evening length work, ‘What...

APR 13, 7PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Downtown Urban Arts Festival Presents Kim Yaged: The Vast Mystery of Who You Are: Part One

What happens when you find out the woman you hooked up with at the sex party isn’t a woman? Find out in The Vast Mystery of Who You Are: Part One. Runtime: 60min

APR 14, 7PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Downtown Urban Arts Festival Presents Joe Gulla: Gay.Porn.Mafia

Bronx, LA, SoHo to Ibiza! Porn Stars, Gay Priests, Mafia Dons and Abstract Expressionists! Smart! Fun! Funny! Fearless! “Gay.Porn.Mafia” has it all! Grab your ticket! Leave the gun! Take the cannoli! You’ll feel like “family” and laugh out loud (emphasis on “out”!) It’s the same-sex, Italian-style, x-rated offer you can’t...

Monday, April 16th, 2018
@ Irving Plaza, New York, NY
2018 Live Ideas Gala: Radical Vision


APR 18, 6:30PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Contents Under Pressure: Democracy In Crisis

OPENING KEYNOTE CONVERSATION Democracy is “the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”  – Winston Churchill. Liberal Democracy has always been tested, but today the threats seem especially serious and the stakes higher than before – particularly in...

APR 19, 5:30PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Bending Towards Justice?

It is widely known that the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and that people of color are disproportionately affected.  Adam Foss, Meg Reiss, Michelle Jones, Steven Teles, and David Dagan and moderator Max Kenner debate the current state and...

APR 19, 8PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater

In Spiritrials, addiction, religion and the law intersect in a court-ordered drug rehabilitation program.  A timely exploration of the American criminal justice system, this multidimensional play blurs the line between hip-hop and dramatic performance. Writer/performer Dahlak Brathwaite weaves through the autobiographical and the fictional,...

APR 19-20, 4PM | APR 21, 11:30AM
@ New York Live Arts Lobby
Public Reading on Democracy

Artists will read seminal texts on democracy by such radical visionaries as Hannah Arendt, James Baldwin, Cesar Chavez, Frederick Douglass, Audre Lorde, Harriet Tubman, Yuri Kochiyama, Gloria Anzaldúa, Berta Cáceres, Grace Lee Boggs, Abraham Lincoln, Harvey Milk, Henry David Thoreau, Alexis de Tocqueville, and others.  

APR 20, 5:30PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
The Press + The Resistance

Thomas Jefferson wrote that if forced to choose between “a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” A free press was so important to the Founding Fathers that they included its protection in the First Amendment, alongside...

APR 20, 8PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
The End of Journalism

A monologue by Mike Daisey. The End of Journalism explores how journalism in America ended, peeling back layers of “real” and “fake” news to find the darkly hilarious truth about the world we’ve made. Daisey is hailed as the pre-eminent monologist in the American theater...

APR 21, 1PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Hands-on Politics

Tocqueville argued in Democracy in America (1835-40) that Americans showed how democracy in the modern world might look: when they want something done, they form democratic associations to accomplish it. Just fifty or sixty years ago, one in four people held leadership positions in local politics. Today, most of us...

APR 21, 3:15PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
By the People?

Are free and open elections at odds with the democratic process? In the face of gerrymandering, voter suppression, campaign finance abuse, election tampering, and a disillusioned electorate, is now the time to reinvigorate our electoral system, or get rid of it?  What are the alternatives? Join us for...

APR 21, 5:30PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Has Democracy Been Hacked?

Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple: Big Tech has a hand in everything we do: what we think, what we buy, how we vote… And as seen by the last presidential campaign, the tech companies that wield such tremendous influence over our lives are themselves subject to interference and manipulation....

APR 21, 8PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Resistance & Friends

An evening of cutting-edge performances hosted by Drag King Elizabeth (Macha) Marrero from the Bronx.  Featuring the voice of Tunisian Spring Emel Mathlouthi, Portland based extended technique vocalist, composer, and performer Like a Villain (Holland Andrews), multi-octave and multi-genre singer Joseph Keckler, Drag Queen/performance artist Ragamuffin, poet and performer...

APR 22, 12:30PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
The Secret Court

Co-presented with the Abingdon Theatre. This staged reading is of a new play based on the 1920 ad hoc disciplinary tribunal of five administrators at Harvard University formed to investigate charges of homosexual activity among the student population that began with the suicide of a student. The affair went unreported until...

APR 22, 3:30PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
How Do We Prepare For Trump's Second Term?

In a remarkably short span of time, President Donald J. Trump has transformed our culture. His achievement is not measured in his ability to build a border wall, heighten mass incarceration, impose a travel ban, or launch a military strike against North Korea. It is that these ideas...

APR 22, 6PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Prayers of the People

2018 marks the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. This participatory performance appropriates the structure of an Episcopal liturgy and brings to life the words of Dr. King. Conceived by Kenyon Victor Adams (little ray) and directed by Bill T. Jones....

APR 22, 11AM
@ New York Live Arts Lobby
Cynthia Hopkins: Learn A Song of Resistance

Throughout human history, communal singing has served as a source of both solace and empowerment for societies in crisis. Voices raised together in song can energize and propel through uplifting expressions of solidarity and resistance. Drawing on legacies of protest songs that have fueled social justice movements of...

APR 22, 7:30PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Democrazy Ball

Shake off the current doom in celebration and acts of resist-dance with festival-goers and participants. High energy layered dance music by DJ JLMR and special guest performance by spitfire cabaret artist Daphne Always.

May 4 & 5, 6PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Rashaad Newsome: Live Feed In-Process - FIVE

Newsome’s FIVE explores Voguing, a competitive dance form created by a subculture of Black and Latino LGBTQ and GNC New Yorkers in the 1970’s. Accompanied by a makeshift orchestra, five dancers perform five individual elements of vogue fem. The Live Feed creative residency program is...

May 4 & 5
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Lang Dance

Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts, The New School, Arts , “home to one of the more progressive collegiate dance departments in New York” (New York Times), offers a unique undergraduate dance curriculum centered on recent developments in the field. These performances highlight new works created by guest artists...

MAY 4-5, 7:30PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Lang Dance Spring Production
MAY 7-Jun 1
@ Bethany Arts Community
Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company: in residence at Bethany Arts Community

During this four-week residency, the company will be beginning a new work, currently titled The Deep Blue Sea. The facilities at BAC will be used emersed in the creative process, spending valuable time together and with the BAC community through open rehearsals, community dialogues and public events. Drawing from inspiration from Herman Melville’s...

MAY 8, 7PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
ADF presents ANNE PLAMONDON: The Same Eyes as Yours

In this audacious first solo work, luminous dancer Anne Plamondon dares to take on the subject of mental illness. In collaboration with actress, author, and director Marie Brassard, she superimposes realities to offer an almost panoramic view of this gripping theme. She becomes, alternately, a lost man—dislocated personality who manifests...

May 10-12, 7:30PM
ADF Presents-
dendy/donovan projects: Elvis Everywhere

New York Premiere The ADF-commissioned “Elvis Everywhere” is dendy/donovan projects’ latest work. “America is Elvis Presley–the most beautiful, talented, rebellious nation in the history of Earth. And now, you’re in your Vegas years. You’ve squeezed yourself into a white jumpsuit, you’re wheezing your way through ‘Love Me...

May 11 & 12, 6PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Netta Yerushalmy: Live Feed In-Process - Paramodernities

Yerushamly’s Paramodernities engages with the canon of modern dance in radical ways in order to spark new ideas and new choreographies. The project involves deconstructions of landmark modernist choreographies, as well as contributions by writers, philosophers, and historians who situate these iconic works in...

May 12, 12PM-2PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Colette Krogol: MOVE ME TENDER

Set to the soundtrack of Elvis’ greatest hits, join Colette Krogol, principal dendy/donovan projects company member since 2008, as she leads you through an improvisational warm-up deepening your connection to the floor, inversions, weight shifting, and the glorious Elvis’ hips. The class will continue with set energetic phrase work as...

May 18 & 19, 6PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Kota Yamazaki/ Fluid hug-hug: Live Feed In-Process - Darkness Odyssey Part 3

The third installment of Yamazaki’s Darkness Odyssey series, is a non-operatic celebration of “becoming others”. Inspired by writings of authors Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, and Butoh pioneer Tatsumi Hijikata’s notion of “dance of darkness”, the series explores the idea of the body as a black hole. The Live...

May 21, 7PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
BILL CHATS: Wynton Marsalis

New York Live Arts popular series, Bill Chats returns, featuring Bill T. Jones in dialogue with writers, scholars, visual artists and activists.

JUN 1 & 2 at 6PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
RoseAnne Spradlin: “Y” (Work in Progress)

RoseAnne Spradlin is the 2017-18 Randjelovic/Stryker Resident Commissioned Artist (RCA). This award continues a long relationship with New York Live Arts and Dance Theater Workshop, beginning with Fresh Tracks in 1990, and several presentations and commissions since. Join us for this special work in progress showing of the new work...

Jun 15 & 16, 6PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Fresh Tracks 2017-18: Residency Showing

Join us for an informal showing of work developed by the 2017-18 Fresh Tracks Artists Nora Alami, Brendan Drake, Lisa Fagan, Alethea Pace, and Jessie Young. Live Arts’ legendary Fresh Tracks performance and residency program continues its 53-year commitment to bringing new voices to the forefront. The program...

JUN 18-23
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company: 2018 Summer Workshop

For 36 years, the BTJ/AZ Company has been on the leading edge of contemporary art, moving audiences around the world with the athleticism, intelligence and human resonance of its work. The 2018 Summer Workshop offers a concentrated opportunity to delve into the thoughtful and vigorous movement training, the innovative creative...

JUN 23, 11:30PM & 3:30PM
@ The Bronx River
Angela's Pulse / Paloma McGregor: Building a Better Fishtrap / from the river's mouth

Building a Better Fishtrap / from the river’s mouth is a performance ritual that honors and embodies the stories and spirit of the Bronx River. Created through collaboration with dozens of artists and community members, the work takes audiences by boat on a 1.5-mile stretch of the once embattled waterway;...

Jun 24

Co-curated with Tyler Ashley Live Arts’ take on Pride. A building wide celebration in the historic gayborhood, Chelsea, just blocks from the pride march. NYC’s queer nightlife and art stars serve up the city’s most colorful and fierce performance, music and more.

JUN 28-30, 7:30PM | JUL 1, 2PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Sidra Bell Dance New York: NYC Season 2018

Sidra Bell Dance New York presents a new work, F R I C T I O N (prequel) with longtime collaborator and composer Juilliard trained Alexey Gorokholinsky who will perform live with the company. F R I C T I O N is paired with the critically acclaimed work garment...