Kal Mansoor

Kal Mansoor

  • Kal Mansoor

    Writer, producer, and star of A Brief History of Colonization.


Artist Statement and/or Bio

  • A Brief History of Colonization was written in reaction to Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, where he

    erased 2.5 million Indian soldiers from this historic event. Media has a huge impact on identity

    and excluding the participation of ethnic people from history sends the message that they don’t

    matter. I decided to address this problem with comedy. I’ve always used humor to start a

    dialogue because it’s the best tool to engage people with, and that’s what BHC is: a

    conversation about erasure, whitewashing, media representation, and identity, told through

    the lens of a funny history lesson on the colonization of India.

    Kal Mansoor is a British-born Indian actor based in New York City. He has appeared on television in Nickelodeon’s iCarly and Lifetime’s William & Kate,

    as well as television commercials for Microsoft, Intel and Tostitos. He also created and starred in the Funny Or Die web series, Spiritual Guidance with

    Steve Gandhi, about a fake spiritual guru who gives bad advice and comments on current affairs.

    • Press quote (optional)
    “Moving” – NBC News
    Packed with insight and emotion, 

    challenging the way society views individuality  

    and heritage while still giving us a good laugh” – Broadway World