Flight Path Dance Project

Flight Path Dance Project



We launch the fulfilling, healthy careers of young dancers through a tailored curriculum based on comprehensive skill-building, concert dance performance, and a tuition-free mandate.



Flight Path Dance Project is a four-year tuition-free training program and repertory dance company for fourteen to eighteen-year-old dancers in New York City. In addition to regular technical training and repertory rehearsal, Flight Path dancers engage in monthly workshops with artists and professionals in such fields as injury prevention and management, meditation and wellness, and nutrition and exercise, as well as industry and college representatives, with additional workshops tailored to their unique interests and aspirations. As a repertory company, Flight Path dancers interpret and perform both new and existing choreography by established and emerging choreographers in authentic concert dance environments. Flight Path dancers graduate with healthy habits of mind, body and soul and a deeper understanding of working within professional and artistic communities, emerging as technically skilled and versatile artists prepared for the rigors of professional life and a meaningful, healthy, substantial career.



Janice Sands (President)
LeeAna Wolfman (Vice-President)

Sylvie Scowcroft (Treasurer)

Ginger Norman (Secretary)

Michael McGowan (Artistic Director)

Laura Benanti

Linda Cho

Annabel Edelson

Randy Graff

Steven Lutvak

Charles Wally Munro

Kenneth L. Roberson

Amanda Ryzowy

Emily Shaffer

Vicki Warner