Grazia Capri

Grazia Capri



Grazia Capri’s work places dance at the crossroads of art, theater and performance. Since 2010, Grazia has been developing an original body of work focused on movement. Emotions take form in the body and in the space: the poetic expression of a body becomes a screen, and reflects a primordial intimacy.

Grazia Capri, received International artistic residencies at Mains d’Oeuvres, Paris; Clarence Mews, London; Corpo 6 Gallery, Berlin/New York. She has presented her work at festivals, theaters and galleries across Europe and the United States. A list of selected venues: Chashama, New York; IDACO nyc – Italian DAnce COnnection, New York; Lipani Gallery at Fordham University, New York; Sans Limites Dance Festival, New York; Fertile Ground, New York; Clarence Mews, London. C_A_P 05 deviAZION Festival, Italy; Corpo 6 Gallery, Berlin/New York; Bodied Spaces Festival Art Gallery, Berlin; Dança em Foco International Festival of Video Dance 2013, Rio de Janeiro; Mains d’Oeuvres, Paris; Studio Le Regard du Cygne, Paris; Micadances, Paris; Leith on the Fringe, Edinburgh; Whitespace Gallery Fringe Festival, Edinburgh; Kogan Gallery/Le soirees nomades, Paris.

Festival Journal, Edinburgh,  uk

Grazia Capri: Beyond

An astonishing work that is more performance art than dance

 By Rachel Donnelly | Tuesday 14 August 2012 |


“….This fluctuation between the dancer alternately inhabiting her body and then seeming to manipulate it from an external perspective is astonishing, having a sort of voodoo quality to it. More performance art than dance, this is a remarkable work that masterfully manipulates the audience’s perception of the body. “

ThreeWeeks, Edinburgh,  uk

Beyond (Grazia Capri)

By Lucinda Al-Zoghbi | Published on Friday 31 August 2012

“…Capri challenges preconceptions of comfortable viewing by creating awkward angles in her body and staring out at her audience through the gaps in her hair. She bares all, quite literally, through this poignant piece of performance art.”