Hanna Q Dance Company

Hanna Q Dance Company


Hanna Q Dance Company is founded by me, Johanna LjungQvist- Brinson. At the moment, it consists of 3 Male Dancers and 6 Female Dancers.

I am the director and choreographer, my works/style is Modern-Contemporary Dance with roots from the Katherine Dunham technique, Lester Horton, Jose Limon, and Mary Wigman. With influences from my other dance forms (that I also majored (receiving a BFA in dance & dance education) in from the University of Dance and Circus DOCH in Stockholm, Sweden), like flamenco, Spanish dances, Russian and Hungarian character/folk dance, and classical ballet.

It is very energetic, imaginative and passionate with big movements, leaps, jumps, and turns. Technically demanding and vigorous. The dancers interact with each other in passionate pas de deux, challenging partnering with exciting lifts, throws, and close body contact. My inspiration comes from nature and mythology, and I use elements from there to tell a story or express an emotion.

I have taught dance, choreographed, and performed for over 20 years, in Sweden, Europe, and the USA. My mission is to educate the public about the art form Dance, by teaching and performing dance and therefore making it, accessible to the public.

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