"Indoor Feeling Films"

"Indoor Feeling Films"


In Something’s More Than One Thing, the latest feature film from Sonoma production company Indoor Feeling, longtime collaborators Will Hand and Jay Alvarez have gathered together an all-star team, including Executive Producers Anthony and Joe Russo (Everything Everywhere All At Once, Avengers: Endgame).

The film centers on Dylan and Caitlin, a young couple who turn to the internet for advice concerning their relationship. The two are bombarded by thousands of suggestions from anonymous strangers who are following their romantic dilemmas with the enthusiastic interest of theatre-goers. Guided by their often contradictory advice, Dylan and Caitlin attempt to determine which of these many opinions they should follow, until finally they must confront each other face to face in the film’s riveting climax.

Director Jay Alvarez’ debut feature film, “I Play With The Phrase Each Other”, won the Special Jury Prize at Slamdance Film Festival, and garnered the admiration of Anthony and Joe Russo. His ambitious and radical concepts are made both gripping and hilarious by Alvarez’ flair for distinctive comic writing, and his ability to fashion a compelling story concerning the lives of articulate, savvy twenty-somethings. 

Will Hand is an actor and producer who has appeared in all of Jay Alvarez’ films. Hand has produced American premieres of eminent international playwrights in San Francisco and New York. The acting ensemble Hand founded in New York City garnered the acclaim of the Goethe Institut, which included him as an American delegate to the Politik im Freien Theater Festival in Germany.

Alvarez’ films have been praised by both critics as well as Hollywood’s elite. Robert Downey Jr. has employed Social Media to call attention to his work, and Joe Russo, director of “Avengers: Endgame”, has said of his writing: “Jay is one of the best dialogue writers I have ever come across.”

As Indoor Feeling Films employ the in-roads they have made, they are paving the way for anticipated upcoming projects, including a cyber-noir mini-series,  A Long Look at Anything.

“Something’s More Than One Thing elevates the internet into the language of cinema,” says Alvarez. 

“Online worlds are captured with compelling zeal. The film depicts modern relationships with a clever and poignant narrative conceit. We witness the novel and hilarious ways in which the swift efficiency of the online era has raised the romantic hurdles for a new generation.”

“And it does so with the wit and perspective of an edgy comedy,” adds Hand.

“Every time the characters go online, their experience is represented by other characters from the perspective of their phones, tablets or computers. Every swipe, every click, every search suggestion.”