Karole Armitage/Armitage Gone! Dance


Karole Armitage/Armitage Gone! Dance


Karole Armitage – Director/Choreographer

Karole Armitage was rigorously trained in classical ballet. As a professional dancer she performed in Balanchine’s Grand Théâtre de Genève Company and in the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. Armitage is renowned for pushing the boundaries to create works that blend dance, music and art, drawing upon her technical knowledge of dance to blend virtuosity with conceptual ideas from the frontiers of movement research. She has directed the Ballet of Florence Italy, The Biennale of Contemporary Dance in Venice, served as resident choreographer for the Ballet de Lorraine in France, and created works for many companies including the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, Ballet Nacional de Cuba, the Paris Opera Ballet and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. She collaborates frequently with contemporary composers and with artists including Jeff Koons, Brice Marden, Phillip Taaffe and David Salle. She choreographed two Broadway productions Passing Strange and Hair, (which awarded her a Tony nomination), videos for Madonna and Michael Jackson and several feature films. Known for directing opera from the classical repertoire for important European Opera Houses, she also recently choreographed AmaLuna for Cirque du Soleil.

Armitage Gone! Dance

Armitage Gone! Dance was launched in 2004 when Karole Armitage returned to the U.S. after 15 years of working abroad. She formed her first company Armitage Gone! in New York City in 1979 to critical acclaim for her punk infused dances. This led to founding of The Armitage Ballet in 1985, which featured work en pointe in collaboration with visual artists. Throughout the 1990s, Armitage chose to maintain her company on a project basis while accepting commissions from European ballet and opera companies. Since 2004 AG!D has been working intensely, performing several seasons annually in New York as well as touring the U.S. and Europe. The company is known for the rigor and personality of its exceptional, virtuoso dancers who hail from across the globe to bring many unique flavors to the stage. AG!D has created works on a wide range of subjects from African aesthetics to commedia del’arte, as well as fashion and popular dance forms. Theoretical physics and trance infiltrate the work and serve as subjects. The core of the company work centers on a series of dance ‘dreamscapes’ that take the viewer on a poetic journey to evoke mysterious landscapes of reverie, dream and altered consciousness (Time is the Echo, Ligeti Essays, Itutu, Gaga-Gagu, Three Theories).