Magda Kaczmarska Dance | Storytelling in Action | Every Body Moves

Magda Kaczmarska Dance | Storytelling in Action | Every Body Moves


“That which cannot be spoken can be sung. That which cannot be sung can be danced.”

— Old French saying


Artist Bio:


Magda Kaczmarska is a dancer, choreographer and creative aging teaching artist based in New York City. Magda received her MFA in Dance Performance & Choreography and her BS in Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics from the University of Arizona.

Magda has dedicated her career to utilizing the vehicle of dance to support changing narratives around agency, belonging and the right to self-expression. Her multidisciplinary work leverages a dual background in neuropharmacology and dance to build bridges between seemingly disparate sectors.

Devoted to building evidence base, while expanding public and professional education in best practices in creative aging practice globally, Magda balances her work in intergenerational community-based teaching with engagement in advocacy in several sectors.

As an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health at the Global Brain Health Institute, Magda builds collaborations to design and expand access to creative aging programs that support brain health across the lifespan.

Along with documentary film-maker Chris Bravo she developed the program Storytelling in Action which combines creative movement and narrative to amplify the expressive voice of people living with dementia and support intersectional dialogue and social engagement around inclusion and belonging.