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Makers Dance Company


The Last Supper Makers Dance Company 


Created and choreographed by dancer, director and founder of Makers Dance Company Alexandre Hammoudi, The Last Supper is an epic ballet experience during which audience members are literally immersed in a story of love and betrayal. Driven by a highly energetic score arranged by French composer Tristan Boccara after Franz Schubert, Antonio Vivaldi and Sergei Rachmaninof, The ballet tells the story of a royal wedding ceremony and its court, fueled by power, envy and gossip. The work is both dramatic and athletic giving the dancers a voice to explore 

character’s depth as well as challenging neoclassical movement in the choreography. The last supper will premiere this fall AT KAATSBAAN PERFORMING ART CENTER November 23. The cast is comprised of various dancers from top tier companies as well as freelance artists. The Makers family is grateful for you consideration, help and support. We thank you. 


Makers Dance Company is an organization dedicated to the growth of art through the display of dance and theatrics on different stages, films, and media platforms. Founded in 2017 by creative artist and American Ballet Theatre Soloist Alexandre Hammoudi. MDC believes in merging the gap between traditional classicism, new movement and drama bringing a new vision to the world of dance by creating a brand new repertoire inspired by historical tales as well as fictional stories. By using the beauty and bravado of dance in conjunction with innovative visual modern ideas for the 21st century. Makers Dance Company is comprised of dancers and collaborators from all around the world with the common goal of sharing a new artistic voice and vision for anyone and everyone. Are you ready to step into a world where music dances with art? This is Makers Dance Company 

Alexandre Hammoudi Founder/Director