Sarah A.O. Rosner / A.O. Movement Collective

Sarah A.O. Rosner / A.O. Movement Collective


Founded in 2006, the A.O. Movement Collective is a home for hard falls and heavy lifting: a community of dancers, thinkers, and makers who live by their art. The A.O. Movement Collective encompasses the choreographic work of Sarah A.O. Rosner and, when joined with blog Urgent Artist and production company A.O. PRO(+ductions), it is the movement third of a three-entity platform offering a new model for dancemaking.

Choreographically, the A.O. Movement Collective pioneers our brand of pomo-humanism via a rigorous love affair with the aesthetics of mess. We are rockstars. We are aesthetic researchers. We return the gaze. Everyone lifts everyone. Our work embraces the full difficult lushness of human being, valuing questions above answers and overrichness above clarity. Manipulation is valid, always, as is ‘aboutness’. We work with a multiplicity of bodies and identities, and hone the ability to shift between them. Exhaustion, honesty, discourse, impact, sex, and weightiness. The sound of decisions being made. Intent on choreographic maximalism, we aim to create work open to the terror of being new in its content, form, structure, and context.

Simultaneously, we are developing a discourse of radical business that surrounds our dancemaking. Radical business asks what might be possible if we removed ourselves from the current model of resigning to burnout and debt. Instead, we want to thoroughly reimagine our economy—pioneering sustainable systems that holistically support the entire ecology of the work and workers. Radical business embraces new technologies, sustainability, grass roots invention, and anti-ephemeralism, and in so doing, supports the artist’s ability to create work and to advance the form as a whole. We want to open the field to electrifying possibility—making dances that do not yet know how to be seen, and then building the platforms necessary to support them.


Sarah A.O. Rosner and her ensemble, The A.O. Movement Collective, have taken an important, assertive step into the spotlight of contemporary dance…these performers show a remarkable cohesion and intensity that other troupes might take a decade or more to achieve. Rosner and her young colleagues are ready to rock.

Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Infinite Body


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