Daria Faïn’s BEGGING #1 Ends Today!

Leading up to her World Premiere of E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E, Daria Faïn (of Commons Choir), has been performing a hunger strike, called BEGGING #1: Detoxification of Preconceptions About Money, at Dance New Amsterdam from September 8th – September 14th. The goal of BEGGING, Daria said, is to “Bridge funding in performance, begging in both monastic tradition and streetwise sense of panhandling, and the crisis of poverty, all to raise awareness of the positioning of the role of the artist in society and the role of funding.” Daria has been kind enough to send us a few selections from the journal she is keeping throughout the week.

DAY 1 (9/8)
Finishing the space
Stabilizing the Earth
Alignment between Heaven and Earth.
To stabilize the Earth to center ourselves and initiate new paradigms. 

T R E M B L I N G—
this pain is not only personal,
detoxification is not without pain
it is not the pain of the self it is pain just pain—

it is also the melting away of what the kidneys don’t need to hold: fear
the question is what one can hold as a resource and as pain
this pain doesn’t hurt it makes you tremble  

It was about alignment and bearing witness—receiving the intensity of what was projected to be done. 

It was like a tsunami, an overwhelming sequence of tremblings. As if I had a bucket of water large as an olympic swimming pool over my head. And I was feeling its tremendous power pouring though my entire body and with an empty stomach. 

In Chinese energetics water corresponds to will power, to the ministry of money and the element of water. Water naturally runs down. In my perception during my meditation the water was over our heads and couldn’t flow.  

 DAY 2 (9/9)
Was about linking the process of being physically embodied, thinking, reading and socializing . The outline of a proposal for a place that will be run on new institutional  principles came to me.

DAY 3 (9/10)
Was about the raising of a new focus, empowerment,  and finding that as money empowers us, the lack of it creates fear,  This focus carried out 8 hours a day to embody these questions plus fasting made me understand that the time to reflect deeply on this itself alleviates fear—if you can be open to the unknown and bear witness to it, there is infinite strength to find. 

DAY 4 (9/11)
The Power to steadily initiate good intentions into collective actions towards radical change in relation to our approach to money while remaining strong within the intent will take a great deal of effort, and our will power will tremble until we (each of us together) feel the ability to be still.  Within this hunger strike, I do feel I left behind many internal turmoils and now feel trust and empowerment—but until I activate this potential in others, to whatever extent I can, all is in vain. The way to continue to initiate our intentions and transform our surroundings is by being compassionate and thankful for what has been done and what will be done with the resources that are available within the wisdom that guides us.  To be thankful, remain alert and active is my focus.


BEGGING #1… ends today, September 14th, 12pm – 7:30pm. Stop by Dance New Amsterdam to witness what she has been up to this week.

Support the Commons Choir’s campaign with USA Projects (ends Friday September 21).

See Daria’s upcoming work with Robert Kocik and Commons Choir, E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E, October 31 – November 3.