Fresh Tracks Artist Profile: Hadar Ahuvia

Photo: Paula Court

“I make sense of ideas and realities through my own body and sometimes with others. Identity, failure, hand modeling, digestion, glorious and mundane achievements, are some of the subjects I explore.  I move, touch, feel, write, watch, research, talk and look for physical vocabulary that clearly communicate an idea.  I have practiced a variety of western dance techniques from which I cannot help but borrow.  I think about these techniques like languages and lineages, having personal and collective histories. They are brews not just of movement, but of gaze and intention. I wonder who’s labor has been forgotten in the commodification of these movement vocabularies.  Who chose the level of physical exertion? of performance? So many physical labors that have not been codified (like the movement of the house cleaner) have the potential for technical virtuosity, and I question what makes any sustained physical endeavor more valuable to our society than another. I am interested, even if impatient, in processes that take time.  I love the challenge of mastery, but am concerned that the desire for virtuosity leads to limited and oppressive representations of beauty.  I keep in mind all these concerns, and they shape my vision as I make dances and sometimes poems. In short, I honor some tradition, and seek liberation and fermentation.” – Hadar Ahuvia

I was raised in Israel and Florida where from the age of three I studied ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and acrobatics.  I also regularly attended Israeli folk dance sessions with my mother. In Israel I as a little girl I studied the Royal Academy of Dance curriculum, which influenced my nostalgic choice in middle school to Ieave jazz competitions behind and attend Southern Ballet Theatre (Orlando Ballet Theater). I continued to focus on ballet in Hawaii and then San Francisco with Lines Ballet and the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance. In a pivotal moment I chose to attended Sarah Lawrence College. My dancing of late has been informed by a plethora of movement practices and trying to make sense of their authority and authorship: gyrotinics and gyrokenesis, Forsythe improvisation, gaga, Iyengar and Anusara yoga, contact improvisation, release, the work of Irene Dowd, Feldenkries, and Alexander. I have worked in various settings with  Summer Lee Rhatigan, Alex Ketley, Christian Burns, Ashley Byler, Jeanine Durning, John Jasperse, Anneke Hensen, Kathy Westwater, and Daria Fain.  I have made solos, duets, and trios, and poems, I have performed in San Francisco, the American Dance Festival, and Dance New Amsterdam. In the last year I performed in Jeremy Pheiffer’s work at La Mama Moves Festival and began dancing with Sara Rudner.

Fresh Tracks
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$16 Advance Purchase / $20 Day of Performance – $15 Night: Dec 8
Featuring niv AcostaHadar AhuviaAretha AokiLorene BouboushianYanghee Lee, and Saúl Ulerio.

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