Fresh Tracks Artist Profile: Lorene M. Bouboushian

“For the last two years, I have created material in which I dig deeply into extreme performance states that are manifested through singing, speaking, and moving. What has come most naturally to me is to layer, juxtapose, and find both sudden switches and gradual transitions between the different extremes I’ve found. To explore this aesthetic, I have studied Qi Gong with Daria Faïn and methods to foment fuller presence with Jill Sigman. I have come to realize that I bump up against these methods and create my own way of making and performing based on my tension with them. I am constantly questioning when “presence” fails and when my deeply wacky self takes over. My work reflects on learning to fit within certain clean, acceptable images, but constantly falling out of them into something more grotesque and insidious. This tension between me and so many things comes from who I am: a middle class white kid from rural Texas with a Middle Eastern dad, who criticizes academia and the arts but needs them, and can be a nice white liberal arts college modern dancer who happens to live in a middle/lower-class black neighborhood when she needs to be. My work has startled and shocked me into being. I want it to do the same for you. Too many people, experiences, and ideas are glossed over in downtown dance, and in our world full of veneers and postures. I want to violently shake people to their bones.

I was born to an Armenian father and white mother in Corsicana, Texas. I lived near a pasture in a small house, and I danced in studios and on a dance team. I went to American Dance Festival and really moved for the first time with Pam Pietro, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Miguel Gutierrez, and Yvonne Meier. Later, I went to Barnard College, where I studied Dance and Anthropology. While there, I danced with Amanda Loulaki, Ivy Baldwin, Juliana May, luciana achugar, and Jeanine Durning. I also went to Ghana to study ritual dance and the formation of identity. I started making solo work under Jill Sigman’s mentorship. I graduated and showed my work at Movement Research’s Open Performance series, MR at Judson Church, HATCH, and Ulla’s House. Now I challenge dance with Lindsey Drury, I expand myself in many ways with Daria Faïn, and I improvise with Kathy Westwater. I continually push, question and break apart my solo practice and everything I’ve learned.” – Lorene M. Bouboushian

Fresh Tracks
Dec 7 — 10 at 7:30pm
$16 Advance Purchase / $20 Day of Performance – $15 Night: Dec 8
Featuring niv AcostaHadar AhuviaAretha AokiLorene BouboushianYanghee Lee, and Saúl Ulerio.

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