Fresh Tracks Artist Profile: niv Acosta

“In my art making process I prefer to work with people who hold a particular significance to me personally. In the past I have involved my mother, 5yr old brother, my partner, close friends who are movers in a different world, queer people of color in my immediate dance community, or else have done solo work. I feel the experience of being a poor queer transgender artist of color creates enough context for my work, my source material comes from my life experience as well as the propel I work with. “ – niv Acosta

niv Acosta, born in Washington Heights Manhattan, is 23 years old and transgender. niv trained at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance with Tadej Brdnik, Jessica Delia, and Catherine Cabeen. niv went to california institute of the arts for two years where he studied technique and choreography. He also attended the American Dance Festival for the summers of 2007 and 2008. niv danced with Gestures Dance Ensemble in Harlem his senior year of high school. He has shown his work at various events/spaces including The Sharon Disney Lund Theater in Los Angeles, in Movement Research Open Performance in New York City, and The Community Education Center in Philadelphia. Thanks to the Leeway Foundation, niv was also awarded an Art and Social Change Grant and curated, performed, and choreographed for gender < moving: queer bodies/home with iele paloumpis and Jai Arun Ravine. He has worked on projects with Larissa Velez-Jackson, Hilary Clark, iele paloumpis, Philadelphia Dance Projects, Greg Holt, Ishmael Houston-Jones, and Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects. This fall season niv will be performing with Brennan Gerard and Ryan Kelly for Reusable Parts/Endless Love at Danspace Project.

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