Fresh Tracks Artist Profile: Saúl Ulerio

“I am a dance and music artist. For the past three years I have been exploring humanity’s purest motors, Love, Loss, Tension, Time and Change. These motors are the base line of my 25 year process called The Human Institution. Within this process I am currently studying ideas that 20th century romantic artists emphasized on, such as intuitiveness, spontaneity, impulsiveness, aloneness, imaginativeness, unreasoning, and irrationalism. In the studio my intention is to develop a body with keen sensitivity to tension, but also often I release the thoughts and ideas to be in the background field so that the body can actually explore them through a rigorous improvisatory practice. I constantly ask myself in and out of the work, what in the animal human and sublime human? Why is this duality such an intrinsic nature to all of us? “ – Saúl Ulerio

Ulerio is a dancemaker, musician and linguist from the Dominican Republic. In 2006 he moved to New York City to pursue a dance-making and performance career. In 2007 he started to study with Susan Klein, the creator of Klein Technique™, and now Ulerio is a member of the 3rd Teacher Certification Program and teaches Klein Technique™ classes through the Susan Klein School of Movement and Dance. In 2007 he initiated a 25-year exploratory process in which many of his personal researches are motors, especially through the influences of the works of filmmaker and writer Ingmar Bergman and writer Hermann Hess. Ulerio is interested in communication and voicing his most inner living thing. He uses this 25-year time frame to clarify what his creative process is and to develop his craftsmanship. In New York City his work was been presented at Dixon Place’s series: Moving Men, the Hot Festival and UnderExposed, also through DraftWork at Danspace Project, Movement Research at Judson Church, Teatro IATI, BAAD, and SLAM. He was a 2009-2010 STREB Emerging Artist grant recipient, as well as a 2010-2011 Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative nominee.

Fresh Tracks
Dec 7 — 10 at 7:30pm
$16 Advance Purchase / $20 Day of Performance – $15 Night: Dec 8
Featuring niv AcostaHadar AhuviaAretha AokiLorene BouboushianYanghee Lee, and Saúl Ulerio.

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