Fresh Tracks Resident Artist Profile: Megan Kendzior

Shifting between moments of tender alliance, stark isolation and palpable disturbance, Rift exposes delicate and vulnerable distillations of human experience. Megan Kendzior and Kevin Chu question ideas of solitude and harmony and are joined by Ana Fiore, Sarah Konner, Stephanie Mas and Josh Stansbury, who provide a glimpse of utopia in a fleeting and grandiose gesture of repetitive action.

Megan Kendzior is a New York based choreographer, performer, educator and administrator. She hails from Sarasota, Florida and received a B.F.A. in dance from the University of Florida. She has been influenced by experiences at the American Dance Festival (North Carolina), the Impulstanz International Dance Festival (Vienna), Kibbutz Ga’aton (Israel), the Bates Dance Festival (Maine) and the American College Dance Festival. Her work has been shown throughout Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois, Washington, Israel and New York, most recently through the Draftwork series at Danspace Project. In 2010, she won the Outstanding Student Choreographer award from Dance Magazine/ACDFA for the performance of her work, Witness, at The Kennedy Center (D.C.). She recently founded the Red Lodge Dance Experience, a week-long dance intensive in Montana and will co-direct the Our Children’s Dance Xchange this Fall in Harlem. Kendzior has worked as an intern for Movement Research, Dance New Amsterdam and as an assistant at the American Dance Festival. She currently works as an administrator for Jennifer Monson/iLAND, Wally Cardona, Neta Pulvermacher and Anna Sperber. She is honored to be part of the 2012 Fresh Tracks Performance Series.


Artist Statement: I work to display, investigate and challenge the momentary nature of being human and living in this world. I start with introspection. Initial movement ideas involve constant questioning which stems from improvisation, writing, reading and research. Books, images, encounters and daily experience inform where I move from, who I move with, and what all this moving means. The work evolves with moments of solitude and bursts of discussion.

I offer buoyant and tender explorative scores that allow imagination to blend with text and personal experience. This practice exposes passionate and volatile moments that are crafted, measured and cooled to create a rich and layered piece of theater. The work reflects the individual experience yet is often framed by historical reference; in this way, I am constantly renegotiating the terms to dissect memory and divulge truth. Trust is a big part of this work. Trusting myself, and those I invite into the room, to listen, think and move from a deep place. Dealing with intense, traumatic experiences does not scare me; it fuels me. I work to accept the influence of environment and still engage in honest inquisitive thought. I am constantly adjusting, succumbing, overtaking, drawing in, pushing out, holding my tongue and fighting back; all to find the circumstance to speak up and speak out, furiously yet with reserve.

There is a fire in me. Performance lives in the eyes, even speaks from the eyes. The story starts there. The heart expands through the collarbone to display the spirit. Passion pores through the skin, down through the heels and out of the fingertips. Breathing reminds us that we are merely a fleeting thought. It’s all about guts, when to use them and how far to go.