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Maximilian Balduzzi

About Maximilian Balduzzi 
Maximilian Balduzzi was born in a small village in the Dolomites. He holds a degree in Modern and Contemporary Theater from the University of Bologna and has worked both in Italy and internationally as a performer, teacher and director. For the past fifteen years he has dedicated himself to the practice of physical and vocal training for performers. Balduzzi moved to New York City in 2008 and soon began working with Ben Spatz. He has been a Movement Research AIR (2010-11) and CAVE Black Studio AIR (2010-13). Currently he is working on several projects in collaboration with artists Helga Davis, Daria Fain, Samita Sinha and Arturo Vidich. Balduzzi teaches workshops to performers and non-performers around the idea of “restless presence.”

Fresh Tracks
Featuring Martita Abril, Maximilian Balduzzi, Ben Grinberg & Nick Gillette, Daniel Holt, Leslie Parker and Gabrielle Revlock.
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