Get to know Fresh Tracks Artists Ben Grinberg & Nick Gillette

About Ben Grinberg & Nick Gillette
Ben Grinberg and Nick Gillette are Philadelphia-based physical theatre and movement artists. After meeting as members of the founding class of the Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training, they have been working together for over two years on a variety of projects from vaudeville-esque physical comedy to clown to “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead,” a durational dance piece about end-of-life care, currently in-progress. Their work has been presented by Circus Now!, Mascher Space Co-Op, Pig Iron Theatre Company and by the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, where they have trained in hand-to-hand acrobatics.

Fresh Tracks
Featuring Martita Abril, Maximilian Balduzzi, Ben Grinberg & Nick Gillette, Daniel Holt, Leslie Parker and Gabrielle Revlock.
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