Live Arts + RocketHub = Blast Off!

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New York Live Arts’ Associate Artist program has teamed up with crowd source funding platform RocketHub. This means people who contribute to a fiscally sponsored artist’s campaign get the kudos of being a supporter plus the benefit of a tax-deductible donation. Although Live Arts has offered this perk to Associate Artists since 2014, the first campaign wasn’t launched until recently.

In April, fiscally sponsored dance/theater artist Yehuda Hyman smashed his first crowd source funding campaign, exceeding his goal amount by 40%. The RocketHub campaign target was $5,500 in 30 days towards performances of The Mar Vista at the 14th Street Y in June 2015, and they raised $7,723.

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Not that this was easy money. Yehuda says, “I was prepared that it was going to be a lot of work – but I didn’t realize exactly how much work: putting the video together – coming up with the rewards, etc.”

Another fallacy: crowd funding campaigns bring new people into your circle.  Yehuda emphasized that, “Everyone who actually contributed to the campaign was someone that I knew, but I definitely received support/contributions from people who I didn’t suspect would contribute – and that was wonderful.”

Yehuda’s words of wisdom on running a successful campaign:

>The video is all important. MEMORIZE that speech you are going to give and give it right to the camera – you’re speaking directly to people. Speak from the heart. It will take time to prepare the video but take the time, it’s worth it.

>Send that video out to every single person you know because you never know who will contribute. Allow yourself a lot of time to plan and implement the campaign. It will take more time than you think before it’s ready to run.

>Prep your campaign by making a list of the people you think are most likely to contribute and then write an individual email to them before the campaign runs, asking them to contribute as soon as it’s up so they start the momentum – it works: Ka-ching!

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