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IMG_0608April 23, 2016

WHO-Jen Rosenblit, a performance artist whose work I am just getting to know. We are co-presenting her latest work, Clap Hands with the Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn.

I saw Jen in Part 3 of Miguel Gutierrez’s Age and Beauty that we commissioned and presented here at New York Live Arts last fall. At one moment, as she and a very young performer were grappling just in front of me, Jen and I made eye contact or at least I think she was looking at me. The look was opaque, neither open or guarded, maybe wary-certainly aware. She employed that gaze much of the time in Clap Hands the other night.


Fifty Years Already?!


Fresh Tracks is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. Like anything (or anyone) five decades old, it’s gone through its share of transitions and name changes. The program, created to support the work of emerging choreographers, dates from the very beginning of Dance Theater Workshop (DTW), which was formed in 1965 by a collective of young choreographers and dancers. That same year, they began holding a series of informal performances at co-founder Jeff Duncan’s loft on 215 West 20th Street. (more…)


The 30th Annual Bessie Awards nominees were announced last week, and several New York Live Arts productions from the past season got a nod.

Outstanding Production

John Jasperse – Within Between

Outstanding Revival

Donna Uchizono – State of Heads

Outstanding performer

Julia Hausermann in Disabled Theater by Jerome Bel and Theater HORA

Rebecca Serrell-Cyr in Fire Underground by Donna Uchizono

Stuart Singer in Within Between by John Jasperse

Outstanding Visual Design

Thomas Dunn for New Work for the Desert by Beth Gill

The 2014 Outstanding Emerging Choreographer Award was presented at the press conference to two female choreographers: Jen Rosenblit (2009 Fresh Tracks Artist, 2011 Studio Series Artist, 2012 mainstage artist) was recognized for a Natural dance, performed at The Kitchen, for “a confident voice investigating the fluidity of identity, the pulse of time, and the nature of what it is to dance;” Jessica Lang was recognized for the elegant works created for her newly formed company of dancers at the Joyce Theater in her transition from freelance choreographer to artistic director.

The 30th Annual Bessie Awards will be held Monday, October 20, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. at the Apollo Theater in New York City.

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Queer Linguistics

Live Arts’ shared evening of premieres from Jen Rosenblit (In Mouth) and Vanessa Anspaugh (Armed Guard Garden) opens tonight, and we couldn’t be more excited!  Over the last week we’ve been thrilled to see great previews and listings for their show.  One listing in particular in the most recent New Yorker raised some questions among the artists and their collaborators.

On her tumblr Self and Other Cassie Peterson (conceptual collaborator to Vanessa Anspaugh and moderator of tonight’s Pre-Show Talk) addresses the Editors of The New Yorker, writing:

This morning, Vanessa and I noticed that in your brief preview of the show, you have changed the phrase “queer body” (from the original press release), to perhaps a more socially acceptable signifier, “gay body.”


Carla interviews Jen Rosenblit and Vanessa Anspaugh

Vanessa Anspaugh
Armed Guard Garden

Jen Rosenblit
In Mouth

Wed. 2/15 — Sat. 2/18 at 7:30pm
$16 Advance Purchase / $20 Day of Performance – $15 Night: Feb 16
Pre-Show Talk Feb 15 at 6:30pm with Cassie Maude Peterson
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Jen Rosenblit at Bodega

For the month of January Jen Rosenblit was in residency at Bodega exhibition and performance space in Philadelphia, PA. When Them was one of three events that Rosenblit planned as part of her research in residency.

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When Them
Saturday January 28th 7pm

A large curated event looking into the idea of performance. New York City based artists of different mediums, all negotiating the body in live performance in some fashion, will occupy Bodega for an evening.  When Them will happen over time, some things last longer than others, some things demand your full attention and some things let you determine the experience. You can come and go as you please but it is the durational element that brings us back to the body. How the work reveals itself will be a conversation between the artists, curator and dramaturge, but the actual phenomenon of watched and being watched is out of our control. We will create a structure for the evening that allows you to engage in each artists work as they see fit. Gillian Walsh and Robert Maynard, Kyli Kleven, Mariana Valencia, Courtney Cooke, Addys Gonzalez, Jules Gimbrone, Geo Wythe and Anna Betbeze, Effie Bowen, Lauren Grace-Bakst, Steve May with Caitlin Marz and Lydia Berg-Hammond, Kate Brandt, Stella Corso and Greg Zuccolo, and Ben Van Buren, among others. We will open up our work to look at it looking at you, rather than just expect performance out of the situation.

One night, two voices: Vanessa Anspaugh and Jen Rosenblit

Vanessa Anspaugh and Jen Rosenblit share a program at New York Live Arts Feb 15-18. Read the Time Out New York preview about their World Premiere performances, Armed Guard Garden (Anspaugh) and In Mouth (Rosenblit).

Photograph: Christy Pessagno

Photograph: Ian Douglas


New York Live Arts presents Vanessa Anspaugh and Jen Rosenblit: Feb 15-18

Vanessa Anspaugh’s Armed Guard Garden
Jen Rosenblit’s In Mouth
February 15-18 at 7:30pm

New York, NY, January 18, 2012 – New York Live Arts presents two World Premieres in a shared evening featuring Vanessa Anspaugh’s Armed Guard Garden and Jen Rosenblit’s In Mouth, on February 15-18 at 7:30pm. (more…)