A Rite of Spring Update at Last! (Letters from Rehearsal, Continued)

Hello all!

This diary entry has been a LONG time coming and as I have a WEE bit of free time I took it upon myself to update everyone on our AMAZING adventure thus far! So I asked Leon to get the address up and running so we all could be in the loop.

First off…it’s Wednesday June 27th, if you can believe it, and I find myself back in the city yearning to be back in the room with the Bill T. Jones gang! Only one more day until that moment!

When last you heard from this Rite of Spring diary Bondo had given the bittersweet farewell from North Carolina. (more…)

Letters from Rehearsal: A Meditation on a Rite of Spring (working title) Day 7

Dear Diary,

And so we close this first chapter of the making of a new work, of finding new inspiration, and new friends. Now, at 6:15 a.m. in my car to the airport, as the sky goes pink with the coming sun, I feel a little pit in my stomach like I just left a lover still sleeping in the hotel. This has been such a week. As much as I want to stay present with work and colleagues, I can’t help but dream a little already of the future of this collaboration. (more…)

Letters from Rehearsal: A Meditation on a Rite of Spring (working title) Day 6


Jenn writing…

I woke up this morning feeling busy.  Not that I accomplished much… Boiling sweet potatoes and beets, checking in with my daughter Mieke, wondering if I should go to the gym, I didn’t…

It was a relief to get into the van.. Ahhh relaxation. Laughter, discussing stories of David Bowie, Baryshnikov, birthdays, and high kicks, my favorite memory of requesting  Shayla do 42 high kicks on my last birthday:) (more…)

Letters from Rehearsal: A Meditation on a Rite of Spring (working title) Day 5

Hello Everyone, Shayla-Vie here from the BTJ/AZ Co.

We had a festive day off yesterday!  The residency completes on the fourth, so we had an early Cinco de Mayo celebration.  We cooked out on the hotel grill, thank you Grill Master Antonio.  Kyle supplied the margaritas, and everyone contributed a dish to share.  It was a true feast!  We ended the celebration with an intense and super fun game invented by Talli.  The player has to descend to the ground on one leg, retrieve the object (bag of tortilla chips, dasani water bottle, styrofoam cup) with their mouth, and ascend with it still standing on one leg.  Seemingly simple, yet crazy difficult.  My calves are still sore!   Anyways, thank you everyone!

…..On with the journal entry (more…)

Letters from Rehearsal: A Meditation on a Rite of Spring (working title) Day 4

Hi Everybody!

This is Jenna Riegel (one of the Bill T. Jones/ Arnie Zane Dance Co. performers). Nice to meet you all who are reading in from afar… I guess I am officially the first from BTJAZ to log a daily diary so here goes… (more…)

Letters from Rehearsal: A Meditation on a Rite of Spring (working title) Day 3

[From Leon Ingulsrud]

Really hard to believe it is only day three on this project. I know I’m echoing Akiko, but it seems like we have been working on this much longer already. This seems to be a function of two things.

The first is the ease these two companies have found with each other. The chops on these dancers are scary beautiful, but they are SO completely open and human in the room. So far, it augers well for the long road we have ahead together.

The second is this amazing music we’re confronted with. I don’t think I was the only one who came away from Cafe Variations with Rachel’s amazing Gershwin arrangements running CONSTANTLY in my head. I reached a point yesterday where I was very aware that it was GONE! Completely GONE! Every bit of me is now trying to deal with the mind-pretzel that is Rite Of Spring. And if I close my eyes now and let my mind wander… I hear the Auger Chords!!!


Letters from Rehearsal: A Meditation on a Rite of Spring (working title) Day 2

Dear all,

I cannot believe that yesterday was only the day 2.

I feel like we, A Meditation on the Rite of Spring team has been working together longer than that.

Friday, April, 27, 2012
It was very nice weather. Our day was full and intense.

10:30am  21 people left to the venue at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.  10 minute bus ride.

11:00am  We began the reh with 90 minute of BTJ technique class.  Bill T.’s associate artistic director, Janet Wong lead it.  From on the floor, to standing, jumping, spinning…  graceful movements like water.  I occasionally got disoriented & frustrated, but, oh, it was still such a joy.  Watching Bill T. people dancing was inspiring.  Beautiful & strong…  Janet said at one point of movements “feel good about it” smiling.  Thank you, Janet!  Looking forward to leaning more. (more…)

Letters from Rehearsal: A Meditation on a Rite of Spring (working title) Day 1

This is the first in a series of diaries from members of SITI Company and Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company as they dig into their new Rite of Spring collaboration. They are currently in residency at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.


Hi all,

Barney here writing from Chapel Hill where it’s sunny, warm and a little humid. We are all ensconced in the Marriott Residence Inn, in glorified hotel rooms meant to feel like an apartment with all the amenities, but it works…strangely. And I know pretty much all of us have been in these kinds of places more than once, a kind of home away from home but not really. However, they do have the Food Network and HGTV on the Telly so I am SET!

Those of us who just closed Cafe Variations in Boston I think were teased by a couple of nights back home in our apartments and our lives in NYC, only to pack again and hit the airport. A routine all of us know pretty well. It was particularly hard for me as my partner and I just adopted and dog and we were just starting to bond and then I have to leave again. But that’s ok because I’m here and have met amazing people and artists who, after only one day, totally inspire me and make me laugh and are awesome.

The Bill T. Jones folks are the BOMB! I think we are going to have crazy fun. Who knows what we will make but for me the interaction with these people and this company is ultimately more interesting.