Upcoming Speaking Engagements with Bill

Tuesday 4/17, 8pm – Past Time
Toni Morrison Lecture Series @ Princeton University
In Past Time, Jones reflects on the moment he entered the conversation about creative practice, aesthetic hierarchy, history, and “the modernist project” from the point of view of dance and body-based art making. John Cage’s thoughts and philosophy on the subject of composition as reported in his book Silence figure prominently as Jones discusses the dislocation and discomfort he experienced when attempting to emulate Cage’s paradigm. Questions of identity, aesthetic value, and criticism will be explored.

Watch the Live Stream here.

Thursday 4/19, 8pm – Story/Time
Toni Morrison Lecture Series @ Princeton Univeristy
Story/Time is a reading of sixty stories by Jones, each one minute long, from the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company’s newest work, Story/Time (2012). Aphoristic, informal, ambiguous and often intensely personal, the stories offer a reluctant self-portrait of the artist, who will be accompanied by Story/Time composer Ted Coffey. A composer of acoustic and electronic chamber music, interactive installations, and songs, Coffey will contribute the results of his own investigation and responses to the John Cage idiom. Coffey is a graduate of Princeton University (MFA, PhD) and currently an Associate Professor at the University of Virginia, where he teaches courses in composition, music technologies, critical theory, and pop. Story/Time set designer and Creative Director of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, Bjorn G. Amelan, will also participate by creating a drawing in real-time as part of the performance-lecture.

Watch the Live Stream here.

Monday 4/23, 7pm – Iconic Artist Talk: Bill T. Jones at BAM
Brooklyn Academy of Music, Moderated by Thelma Golden
As part of BAM’s 150 anniversary celebrations, iconic artists examine the evolution of their work at BAM over the years, referencing onscreen projections of original performance footage and images from the BAM Archive.

A BAM artist since 1983, Bill T. Jones has explored themes of identity, form, and social commentary, and has become one of the most innovative and powerful forces in modern dance and theater. Drawing on three decades of performances, Jones examines his artistic vision as showcased at BAM with Thelma Golden, Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum in Harlem.
$20; $10 for Friends of BAM 

Tuesday 4/24, 8pm – With Time
Toni Morrison Lecture Series @ Princeton University
In the final lecture, With Time, Jones discusses how his thinking about art-making has evolved over time, while addressing the constant fight for relevance, inspiration, and the tenacity needed to sustain a creative life.

Watch the Live Stream here.

*Tickets for the Toni Morrison Lectures are required for admission and can be ordered from the Princeton University Ticketing Office by calling (609) 258-9220.

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