The Low Down on Load-In: “Haptic” and “Holistic Strata”

We sat down with New York Live Arts Lighting Supervisor Vinny Vigilante to find out exactly what it takes to implement Hiroaki Umeda’s lighting designs for Haptic and Holistic Strata.

Here’s the run down for load-in:

2 Light Plots (to be combined)

2.5 days

5 projectors  (both sides/straight down/front/back wall)

50 extra lights added to our current fly system

Vinny studying Umeda's lighting design plot


“With Holistic Strata Umeda has turned into a human screen, a dancing landscape, seemingly on the verge of being overwhelmed by pixels and dissolving into the electron flux.… Their power [is] enhanced by Umeda’s own performance.”—Guardian (UK)

Haptic and Holistic Strata
March 7-9 at 7:30pm