Live Arts Plus

Venus is flying in the air with arms spread wide, wheels spinning, and supported by Andromeda who is lifting from the ground below. They are making eye contact and smiling. Photo by Jay Newman

New York Live Arts’ Plus program is designed to allow mission-aligned performing arts organizations access to state-of-the-art facilities and support toward the growth of their work.

FJK Dance

FJK Dance company returns to the stage for their seventh Annual Season premiere performances at New York Live Arts, presenting two world premieres and FJK Dance repertoire. Fadi Khoury, New York based founder, Artistic Director, and the visionary engine behind the FJK Dance Company, has come through the pandemic with all his energies dedicated to a full Reset—hence the title of our newest production. Celebrating seven years of dance, RESET is a full evening program dedicated to the memory of Genevieve Young (1930-2020), a beloved founding Board member and guiding light. Her legacy, her love of dance, and commitment to the mission of FJK Dance in creating positive change, continues to inspire our professional artistry and engagement with the world-at-large.

Reset will be performed by FJK Dance Company’s ten dancers that represent eight different nationalities and our global vision. The program will include the following:

Mirage Human stories from the Middle East. (World Premiere)
Music: Schubert, piano trio in E-flat
Forbidden When love is locked, and the key is inside. (World Premiere)
Music: Abdel Wahab & Hossam Shaker
Bolero Challenge of duality
Music: Maurice Ravel

FJK DANCE Fusion of Culture and Dance performances are based on Fadi Khoury’s lifelong immersion in dance and reflect both his multicultural background growing up in Iraq and Lebanon, and his ongoing efforts to elevate Middle Eastern culture. Original choreography and visual arts promote cross-cultural dialogue, understanding, and healing.


LIVE DANCE AND VIDEO : Mimi Garrard and Austin Selden


The Mimi Garrard Dance Company presents a concert of live dance and video featuring the dancer Austin Selden and the composer Jonathan Melville Pratt.

“Mimi Garrard uses digital techniques to transform dance as we know it….I think it is the birth of a new art form”  – Provesha Pyne in Cult Critic Magazine


THE MONEY GAME- the world-wide obsession with money.

JUNK JOURNEY-A visit to a junk yard and how it affects our lives

A Repeat of the well received 2019 “Cosmic Man”


Transcending & Bliss

TRANSCENDING & BLISS is an artistic collaborative project as a healing source impacting lives in much need of strength and self empowerment to transcend and survive above and beyond all social issues we are living during this difficult times. It is time for a social uplifting experience of consciousness and oneness. This project is an exploration of different vibrational aspects of sound and movement choreographed by Miriam Barbosa and Javier Dzul.

Together they explore the air element through aerial dance adding sensorial anti gravitational feeling to the spectators creating a sense of lightness and weightlessness, magnifying their transformational meditative state in conjunction with the sounds and lighting effects. An ensemble cast reflects the bliss of transcending through powerful music and togetherness in dance weaving across the stage through beautiful Multimedia images designed by Marcela Bragagnolo.

Darya Savishkina and Franck Raharinosy play their sound meditation instruments live, offering multiple tones which creates layers of sound, adapted artistically to the choreography, which can be directly felt by those experiencing it and improving their ability to cope with stress, enhancing their perception into a state of serenity and peace. Musician Michael Mustafa Ulmer holds the musical space adding color and ecstatic rhythm to the moving meditation and blissfulness.

Javier Dzul & Miriam Barbosa, Choreography
Danielle Marie Fusco, Andrea Dusel-Foil, Ricardo Barrett and Aaron Steinberg, Dancers
Franck Raharinosy & Darya Savishkina, Sound Meditation Instrumentation
Michael Mustafa Ulmer, Music
Marcela Bragagnolo, Multimedia Design
Essay Video, Production Company

ZviDance: The Art of Fugue
The Art of Fugue is an evening-length, multimedia dance performance collaboration between Artistic Director Zvi Gotheiner, composer Scott Killian, lighting designer Mark London, media designer Joshua Higgason, and eight dancers. Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Art of Fugue is a point of departure for Gotheiner’s choreographic exploration which highlights the individual contribution of each of his creative team. In music, a fugue is a contrapuntal composition in which a short melody is introduced by one voice and successively taken up by others; Gotheiner introduces this compositional structure as a metaphor to portray a non-hierarchical society. Killian integrates electronic original music with Bach, anchoring the work in contemporary culture. Higgason’s live and pre-recorded video projection adds an additional “voice” to the complexity of the canonic composition.
Runtime: 55 mins

Salvatore LaRussa Dance Theatre presents the world premiere of choreographer, Salvatore LaRussa, “rhetoric,” which explores, through fierce movement and exciting theatrics, the idea of persuasive or impressive effects on the audience, lacking in sincerity or meaningful content, with Special Guest Artist, gage spex; Lighting by Becky Nussbaum; and Costumes by Abraham Joshua Lopez. Estimated runtime: 90 minutes