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World Premiere 1985
Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company: Holzer Duet... Truisms (1985)

Choreography by Bill T. Jones Text by Jenny Holzer Sound Collage by Bill T. Jones with A. Leroy Lighting Design by Robert Wierzel Dancers: Bill T. Jones & Lawrence Goldhuber You can help New York Live Arts continue our...

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Originally presented
as part of Live Ideas 2019
Live Ideas 2019: Does Truth Need Defending?

Is Reality still Real? A discussion on the fragility of truth and reality in the age of deepfake videos and synthetic images. Examining the tension between democratic scientific openness and the need to defend against adversarial use of technology,  this panel delves into the societal and cultural impact in a...

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Originally premiered at
New York Live Arts 2012
Vanessa Anspaugh: Armed Guard Garden (2012)

Armed Guard Garden  looks to the queer body as a site of resistance and to current “occupations” as a way of imagining and critiquing notions of paradise  and “resting place.” The work features performers Aretha Aoki, Niall Noel Jones, Molly Leiber, Lydia Okrent, and Mary Read; Dramaturge Susan Mar Landau;...

*This event has been postponed
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Fresh Tracks 2019 - 2020: Residency Showing (Postponed)

*Please note that this event have been postponed As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has evolved in NYC, New York Live Arts has decided to postpone Fresh Tracks 2020 Residency Showing to a later date. Live Arts’ Fresh Tracks performance and residency program continues its commitment to bringing new voices...

@ New York Live Arts Theater
10 Hairy Legs: 2020 New York Season (Cancelled)

10 Hairy Legs 8th consecutive New York Season features World Premiere Commissions by Choreographers David Parker and Joshua Beamish, a New York Premiere by Robert Mark Burke and the Company Premiere of Brian Brooks’ iconic solo I’m Going to Explode. Known for the ability of its artists to master a broad...

JUNE 28, 2020 starts at 2 pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater

Live Arts’ Pride: The House Party epic 6-hour celebration embodies and honors the historical importance and unwavering power of houses, collectives, and chosen family in LGBTQIA culture. Both legendary and young families from NYC’s queer nightlife and art scene come together under one roof...

Exhibition opens online
Spring 2020
Curating The End Of The World

An online exhibition presented by the Black Speculative Arts Movement and curated by Reynaldo Anderson (co-curator of Live Ideas 2020), Stacey Robinson, and Tiffany Barber, Curating The End Of The World is an Afrofuturist commentary on the end of this age and “Cyclical Chaos”, interrogating the racist pathology and corruption...

Futurist Writers’ Room - Collective Imagination in Deep Time, The Digital Installment

Co-presented with the Guild of Future Architects Over the course of several months five black artists at the intersection of art, science and technology— Sophia Nahli Allison, Idris Brewster, Stephanie Dinkins, Yance Ford and Terence Nance—have been developing speculative historiographies and futures in collaboration with Octavia Butler. With the guidance of facilitators Lafayette Cruise, Madebo Fatunde,Tony...

Aug - Sep 2020
@ New York Live Arts Lobby
In/Between 2020: TRANSFIGURE

In light of the inequitable response to Covid-19 and the upcoming US elections, there is a call not just to strengthen democratic principles but to undergo a transformation. There is a desire for radical change towards a further completion of the democratic experiment, towards more equitable participation. Immigrant artists are...