Live Ideas
Alter-Worlds: Black Utopia and The Age of Acceleration

Live Ideas 2020: Alter-Worlds/Black Utopia and the Age of Acceleration will be postponed to May 2021.  In the meantime, two related online events will be launched this month. Scroll down for more information!

Contemporary Afrofuturism may be defined as an emerging social philosophy of the African diaspora and Africa. Today, partly because of a crisis in globalization, social media and other technological advances, it has grown into a Pan African movement that encompasses artistic, academic, geopolitical and scientific investigation and production. This edition of Live Ideas, Alter-Worlds: Black Utopia and The Age of Acceleration, will explore this second wave of Afrofuturism as the ground work for a future that is not bound up with the ideals of white Enlightenment universalism. The five-day festival will unfold at the intersection of arts, techno-culture, sci-fi, social sciences, philosophy and the imagination. See you in the future!

Live Ideas” Alter-Worlds: Black Utopia and The Age of Acceleration  is co-curated by Reynaldo Anderson in partnership with the Black Speculative Art Movement (BSAM).

Live Ideas is an annual humanities festival of arts and ideas, exploring the ideas, controversies and thinking informing a different bodily-oriented theme each time out. View video of the past festivals on our youtube channel. For more information on specific years, click below.

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Exhibition on View Now
Curating The End Of The World

Organized by Reynaldo Anderson, Tiffany E. Barber and Stacey Robinson with the Black Speculative Arts Movement, this two-part exhibition brings together an international cadre of artists whose work responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, anti-black violence, climate change, poor governance, trans-humanism, and an accelerating, technologically driven economic system on the verge...

Futurist Writers’ Room - Collective Imagination in Deep Time, The Digital Installment

Co-presented with the Guild of Future Architects Over the course of several months five black artists at the intersection of art, science and technology— Sophia Nahli Allison, Idris Brewster, Stephanie Dinkins, Yance Ford and Terence Nance—have been developing speculative historiographies and futures in collaboration with Octavia Butler. With the guidance of facilitators Lafayette Cruise, Madebo Fatunde,Tony...