Live Ideas 2020 to be announced soon! Read more about last season’s Live Ideas festival below.

Live Ideas, New York Live Arts’ annual humanities festival of arts and ideas, will interrogate a future with AI, artificial intelligence, that promises to revolutionize human existence. AI: Are You Brave Enough for The Brave New World? unfolds across five days of discourse, performances, an exhibition, classes for adults and kids, and a HACK-ART-THON, bringing artificial intelligence to the general public from the perspective of its societal, cultural and artistic implications.

Headlining the mainstage of this year’s festival will be the New York City premiere of discrete figures, the collaboration between Japanese companies Rhizomatiks Research and ELEVENPLAY, and American media artist Kyle McDonald.

The 2019 Live Ideas Festival is generously supported by Google, with additional support from the ACE Hotel New York, Japan Foundation, Samuel M. Levy Family Foundation, Humanities New York, and numerous departments at Carnegie Mellon University. Robotics for Kids is supported with a generous donation from The Educational Therapists and Perfetto Contracting Company. Live transcription provided by Otter.

Special thanks to the Festival Advisors Shoham Arad, Brady Dehn, Daniel Dulitz, Kathryn Heidemann, Matt Kudish, Matthew Putman,  Alanna Rutherford, Yana Buhrer Tavanier, Robyn Trani, and the Google Creative Lab team.


Live Ideas 2019 / AI: Are You Brave Enough for The Brave New World? from New York Live Arts on Vimeo.


Live Ideas is an annual humanities festival of arts and ideas, exploring the ideas, controversies and thinking informing a different bodily-oriented theme each time out. Past festivals have included The Worlds of Oliver Sacks, James Baldwin, This Time!, SKY-Force and Wisdom in America Today, curated by Laurie Anderson, MENA/Future-Cultural Transformations in the Middle East North Africa Region, Mx’d Messages curated by Mx. Justin Vivian Bondand RADICAL VISION co-curated with Brian Tate | The Tate Group and the Hannah Arendt Center.

View video of the past festivals on our youtube channel.


May 8 at 6 PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Keynote/Performance: What is AI?

Opening Keynote and Lecture Performance to the 2019 Live Ideas Festival. A LECTURE in the form of a PERFORMANCE, a PERFORMANCE in the form of a LECTURE to give the audience an overview of AI’s past, present and future. Composer and vocalist Nick Hallett

Opening Reception, May 8 from 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Pop-up Performance, May 8 - 11 at 8 PM
On view until May 28
@ New York Live Arts Lobby
Opening Reception: Portrait on the Fly / See Sound / Xoromancy

As part of Live Ideas 2019, AI: Are You Brave Enough for the Brave New World, the Ford Foundation Live Gallery hosts four interactive installations including Portrait on the Fly, See Sound, and Xoromancy through May 28th. Free and open to the public, an opening reception will be...

May 8-11 at 8:30 PM, May 11 at 2 PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Rhizomatiks Research x ELEVENPLAY x Kyle McDonald: discrete figures 2019

New York City premiere of discrete figures 2019 by Japanese companies Rhizomatiks Research and ELEVENPLAY, and American media artist Kyle McDonald as the feature performance of the 2019 annual Live Ideas.  This year’s festival, titled AI: Are You Brave Enough for The Brave New World? runs...

May 9 at 6 PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Panel: Future of Work

Get access to this panel and more at a reduced rate with our Panel Pass! “Foxconn’s Terry Gou says the company plans to replace 80% of workers with robots in 5-10 years.”  – Samson Ellis  “According to our estimate, 47 percent of total US employment is in the...

May 9, 9 PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Performance: Rational Numbers: Music and AI

Rational Numbers: Music and AI, featuring Yuka C. Honda and Angélica Negrón Artificial Intelligence software can compose symphonies at the push of a button, but this fact has overshadowed its significant but largely untapped potential as a tool to support human composers—without dominating the creative process—in their search for new means...

May 10 at 6 PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Panel: Does Truth Need Defending?

Get access to this panel and more at a reduced rate with our Panel Pass! Is Reality still Real? A discussion on the fragility of truth and reality in the age of deepfake videos and synthetic images. Examining the tension between democratic scientific openness and the need to defend...

May 10, 9 PM - 12 AM
Cash bar
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Algorave: LiveCode.NYC

Experiments with AI, machine learning and other algorithmic techniques Featuring: Scorpion Mouse CIBO + Ulysses Popple Colonel Panix + Doc Mofo Koala Tokki+ Zach Krall Codie

May 11
11 AM - 12:30 PM
Robotics for Juniors

12:30 - 2 PM
Robotics for Apprentices
@ New York Live Arts Conference Rooms
Workshop: Robotics for Kids

Robotics for Juniors (Ages 5 – 7), 11 AM – 12:30 PM Robotics for Apprentices (Ages 8 and up), 12:30 – 2 PM With a growing economy that has a higher demand for STEM fields, it’s important that the next generation learns how they can make a difference in their...

May 11, 4:30 - 7:30 PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Symposium: AI x ART

Get access to this symposium and our amazing other panels at a reduced rate with our Panel Pass! Art and Technology have always been bedfellows. How are artists, technologists, administrators, curators using AI to create, communicate, disseminate art? How is AI changing the dialogue around creativity, equity, inclusivity...

May 12 at 11 AM - 1:00 PM
@ New York Live Arts Conference Rooms
Workshop: Machine Learning for Artists

This hands-on workshop demystifies machine learning and explores how machine learning tools have been and can be used for artistic expression. Participants will learn about the concept of machine learning, its history and critical issues, examples of art projects that use ML, and explore resources that allow them to continue...

May 12, 1:30 - 3 PM
@ New York Live Arts Conference Rooms
Class: How to Question Technology, Or, What Would Neil Postman Say?

Want to learn more about Neil Postman? Read the digital archive and watch the videos below! When new technologies are introduced to the public, much is said about the benefits they will bestow upon us, and the brave new world that will result. Very little is mentioned about what they...

Awards Ceremony May 12 @ 6:30
Free to public with RSVP
@ New York Live Arts Theater
HACK-ART-THON: ACT Labs NYC/Live Ideas 2019

BREAKING THE STIGMA AROUND MENTAL ILLNESS In partnership with FINE ACTS and NAMI NYC, National Alliance of Mental Illness. ACT = Art x Change x Technology What Eight pairs of carefully selected and matched Fellows, an artist and an AI technologist, take part in a two-day HACK-ART-THON to work on prototype...