Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker : A Love Supreme

Sep 27–30, 7:30PM

@New York Live Arts Theater

Tickets start at $15/$25

A Love Supreme


Member pre-sale starts on July 10th. Tickets go on sale to the general public on August 10th.

NYC Premiere

A quartet created by Salva Sanchis and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, A Love Supreme is based on John Coltrane’s eponymous album. This collaboration, started in 2005, comprises a meeting between two choreographers who share the same fascination for an iconic piece of music. In A Love Supreme, Coltrane and his musicians deployed a deceptively simple musical structure to allow for a complete freedom of improvisation, continuously pushing the boundaries of every musical register. This freedom sees a literal translation into dance: for this performance, the choreographers accept the challenge of blending improvisation and composition into a seamless whole. For this new version, Sanchis and De Keersmaeker rewrote their 2005 piece to be danced by four young, male dancers. Offering an expressly energetic interpretation, they emphasise the long-lasting vitality of Coltrane’s tribute.

The presentation of A Love Supreme is sponsored by Princeton University’s Lewis Center for the Arts

About the Artist:
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker