Company Licensing

Bill T Jones Arnie Zane Company

Licensing the works of Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company through New York Live Arts provides universities with the opportunity to engage in a well-rounded, extensive learning experience rooted in a significant work from the company’s repertory. Our program is shaped by the core belief that a work of art should provide all students with the opportunity to learn about process, values, skills, and motivating ideas, as well as provide performance opportunities for select dancers.

Our educational activities provide unique, relevant, and inspiring experiences designed to create the next generation of thoughtful, engaged dance artists. For that reason, our focus extends beyond technical training. Our programs cultivate leadership, collaborative working methods, and rigorous creative investigation. Our teaching artists are selected for their passion and ability to share the unique working methods and history of the Company.

We look forward to being challenged and to creating programs with you, for you! The resources and interests of each dance program are unique, and we are happy to create a project that reflects your desires.

Works Available for licensing:

D-Man in the Waters
Freedom of Information
Spent Days Out Yonder
Continuous Replay
Duet and Power/Full
Love Re-Defined
The Gift/No God Logic
Ravel: Landscape or Portrait?

If there is a work by the Company that you would like to reconstruct for your department not listed here, please let us know—the above are by no means the limits to what we can offer.

For more information and to watch videos of the pieces, contact Kyle Maude, Producing Director at