Live Core Artist Services

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Live Core is a creative incubator, network, and platform for artists to elevate and propel their ideas forward. Utilizing the resources of New York Live Arts, Live Core empowers artists to connect with larger audiences, raise funds to support their work, and engage with industry professionals and other Live Core artists to bolster their professional and artistic development. Putting creativity front and center, Live Core artists enliven the ecology of performance in New York City and beyond.

Enrollment in Live Core is $100 for a full year of unlimited access to the program’s offerings, including:

  • New York Live Arts’ Fiscal Sponsorship Program
  • Monthly newsletter including grants and opportunities
  • Priority booking on our studio calendar
  • Live Core professional development workshops and community events including exclusive access to dress rehearsals and studio performances
  • Reduced rates on New York Live Arts Workshops and master classes
  • 20% Ticket Discount to shows and advance access during ticket presales (Please note, benefits related to in person performances will resume the moment the theater reopens.)
  • 20% discount on program ads and free placement in e-newsletters
  • Discounted rate for workshops and auditions in our studios
  • 1 hour of Consulting in the area of artists choice (PR, Marketing, Engagement, Budgeting, Grant Writing, Education and Licensing or Strategic Planning)
  • Additional consulting with knowledgeable New York Live Arts staff at a reduced rate of $40/hr

Become a Live Core member

Bianca Bailey
Community Engagement and Education Manager
212.691.6500 x 380