The 2018-19 Fresh Tracks Application is open! Interested in applying? Read these Guidelines & FAQ’s first.

New York Live Arts’ Fresh Tracks Program is New York City’s leading, season-long residency and performance opportunity for artists exploring hybrid and movement-based work at the early stages of their careers. Created in 1965 by Dance Theater Workshop, Fresh Tracks continues as a signature program in New York Live Arts’ newly minted “New Work Development Program.” Designed as a springboard for intensive choreographic, administrative and creative development, Fresh Tracks is a pioneer opportunity in the field, positioning early career artists at a unique vantage point within Live Arts’ annual programming.

Unfolding over the course of Live Arts’ regular presenting season, the Fresh Tracks Program provides five artists with a 50-hour studio residency, a professionally-produced shared evening bill in the New York Live Arts theater, an artistic fee, one-on-one dialogue sessions with the program’s Artistic Adviser, professional development workshops led by established professionals from the field and extensive support from Live Arts’ Marketing, Production and Programming staff.

Deadline to apply is Monday, July 30, 2018 before midnight. By submitting the application form you will enter a general lottery that will randomly assign you an audition date and time (dates are below). If you do not garner an audition this time around we encourage you to submit an application again next season.

Audition dates: September 1 & 2, 2018

Criteria for Selection
New York Live Arts values experimentation, collaboration and a genuine commitment to new ideas and new aesthetics. We place a premium on the originality of ideas and the quality of their execution. A panel of artists and other professionals from the field selects artists based on their demonstration of the above qualities and must possess a keen desire to develop and explore their work with their peers in the context of a residency program.

Fill out the application form.

Fresh Tracks Artists 1965-2016

DEC 7-8, 7:30pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Fresh Tracks 2018-19: Auditioned Works

Live Arts’ legendary Fresh Tracks performance and residency program continues its 54-year commitment to bringing new voices to the forefront. The program provides five emerging artists with a 50-hour studio residency, a professionally produced shared evening bill in the New York Live Arts Theater, commission fee, one-on-one dialogue...

Jun 7-8, 6 PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Fresh Tracks 2018-19: Residency Showing

Live Arts’ Fresh Tracks performance and residency program continues its commitment to bringing new voices to the forefront. Fresh Tracks artists present excerpts of new work in development. For info on applying to Fresh Tracks click here.



Nora Alami
Fresh Tracks 2017-18 Artist
Brendan Drake
Fresh Tracks 2017-18 Artist
Lisa Fagan
Fresh Tracks 2017-18 Artist
Alethea Pace
Fresh Tracks 2017-18 Artist
Jessie Young
Fresh Tracks 2017-18 Artist