New York Live Arts’ dynamic platform of new and recent works by resident commissioned artists and curated guests. Presented during the annual Association of Performing Arts Professionals conference, Live Artery 2019 will feature excerpts of recently premiered works and work-in-progress presentations.

Presenters please RSVP here.

Jan 4th at 8 PM, Jan 5th at 12 PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Joanna Kotze: what will we be like when we get there

Presenters please RSVP here. what will we be like when we get there premiered at Live Arts in March 2018. Choreographer Joanna Kotze is accompanied by dancer Omagbitse Omagbemi, visual artist Jonathan Allen, and composer/musician Ryan Seaton (2018 Bessie Nominee) in the newest iteration of this charged collaboration. Through their...

Jan 5th at 11 AM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Bill Shannon: Touch Update

Presenters please RSVP here. Live Artery studio showing of Bill Shannon’s “Touch Update,” for Live Feed theatre showing click here. Known for creating groundbreaking choreography that explores the social constructions surrounding disabled bodies, Bill Shannon’s latest work combines movement, wearable projection technology, and video installation to explore the significant and...

Jan 5th at 2 PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Jaamil Olawale Kosoko: Chameleon (Work-in-Progress)

Presenters please RSVP here. With his newest performance research Chameleon, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko undertakes an investigation into the fugitive realities of Black Diasporan people. Through the melding of live feed and augmented reality media, Queer and Black Critical Theory, and archives of public and personal narratives, Kosoko’s work explores how...

Jan 5th at 3 PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
RoseAnne Spradlin: Y

Presenters please RSVP here. Live Artery showing of Y by RoseAnne Spradlin. For information on the world premiere of Y at Live Arts earlier this season, click here. New York Lives Arts’ 2017-19 Randjelović/Stryker Resident Commissioned Artist (RCA) RoseAnne Spradlin presents  her latest work “Y”. Spradlin, an alumnus of Fresh Tracks (1990)...

Jan 5th at 5 PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Yanira Castro | a canary torsi: Last Audience (Work-in-Progress)

Presenters please RSVP here. Last Audience is the newest work by the Bessie-award-winning collaborative group, a canary torsi. An immersive performance imagined as a ritual enacted with and for each audience, the piece utilizes the themes and structures of the traditional requiem to enact scores of movement, environment, and sound....

Jan 5th at 6 PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Jennifer Nugent & Paul Matteson: another piece apart

Presenters please RSVP here. Live Artery showing, for the NYC premiere of another piece apart earlier this season, click here. Jennifer Nugent and Paul Matteson, both Bessie Award-winning performers and former Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company dancers (2008-2014), are known for their phenomenal partnering work, creating duets that are intense,...

Jan 5th at 7 PM, Jan 7th at 5 PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Kimberly Bartosik/daela: I hunger for you

Presenters please RSVP here. A new evening-length work for five dancers, I hunger for you focuses on the need for faith and the collective desire for transformation. Set in a starkly beautiful environment defined by light and its absence (created by Bartosik’s longtime lighting designer Roderick Murray), the piece looks...

Jan 6th at 12 PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios

Presenters please RSVP here. Sean Dorsey’s timely and urgent commentary on masculinity places a trans and queer frame onto intersectional questions of embodiment, violence, Black queer love, whiteness, shame and posturing in BOYS IN TROUBLE. Recognized as the nation’s first acclaimed transgender modern dance choreographer, Sean

Jan 6th at 2 PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith: Body Comes Apart (Work-in-Progress)

Presenters please RSVP here. Live Artery showing, presenters please RSVP here. For the theatre showing of Body Comes Apart later this season, click here. Body Comes Apart is a declaration of love, commitment, catharsis, and rage. Continuing our 10-year challenge of making work based in abstraction but in response to...

Jan 6th at 5 PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Kyle Marshall Choreography: Colored

Presenters please RSVP here. Colored navigates the beautifully twisted spectrum of blackness that dancers Dare Ayorinde, Kyle Marshall and Myssi Robinson regularly embody. As three black dancers from varied backgrounds, their work together in the studio led to conversations on tokenism, appropriation, stereotype and representation. Colored is a filter for...

Jan 6th at 5:30 PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Marjani Forté-Saunders: Memoirs of a... Unicorn

Presenters please RSVP here. Memoirs of a…Unicorn is a solo performed non-linear installation that weaves sound and media to offer historic and personal narratives as embodied tales of fragmented histories, unabated love, and Warriorship. Spurred by stories of Marjani Forté-Saunders’ Arkansas born Father’s life, Forté-Saunders explores the tenets of his identity while riffing...

Jan 6th at 7 PM, Jan 7th at 2 PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Abby Z and the New Utility: Radioactive Practice (Work-in-Progress)

Presenters please RSVP here. The ensemble work of Abby Zbikowski’s company, Abby Z and the New Utility, share their newest creation developed from their rigorous physical practice and boundless mental capacities. Drawing on distinct histories in hip-hop, modern dance, West African, Tap, synchronized swimming, ice skating, and House, the corps...

Jan 7th at 12 PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Lakaï Dance Theatre: The Block: An Afro Musical (Excerpt)

Presenters please RSVP here. Founded by McKersin Previlus, Lakaï Dance Theatre showcases The Block: An Afro-Musical with influences of Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Afro-Diasporic styles. As the street becomes a stage for self-reflection, the ensemble displays the realities of an inner city life–the toxic masculinity, the racial profiling, and the violence–through...

Jan 7th at 7 PM
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Netta Yerushalmy: Paramodernities (3 Installments)

Presenters please RSVP here. Live Artery studio showing, for the full theatre performance later this season please click here. Nerushalmy’s acclaimed Paramodernities series returns to Live Artery with a showing of installments (85 minutes, Open to presenters only). In this unique project, iconic modern choreographies are deconstructed and performed alongside contributions...

JAN 7, 10PM
Jan 8-12, 8PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Jack Ferver: Everything Is Imaginable

January 7 performance free to Presenters, all other performances $10 for Presenters (with valid credentials). Presenters please RSVP here. Presented in collaboration with American Realness Written and Choreographed by Jack Ferver Performed by Reid Bartelme, Jack Ferver, Lloyd Knight, Garen Scribner, and James Whiteside Everything Is Imaginable, is an evening-length interdisciplinary performance work examining...