New York Live Arts’ dynamic platform of new and recent works by resident commissioned artists and curated guests. Presented during the annual Association of Performing Arts Professionals conference, Live Artery featured excerpts of recently premiered works and work-in-progress presentations.

Jan 13th at 7 pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Liana Conyers: #ImFxckingFunny (Live Artery)

Engaging with the current socio-cultural climate, Liana Conyers deconstructs her experience as a Black woman in America.  #ImFxckingFunny explores the levels of consciousness, healing, hiding, and coping that technology provides. Through her autobiography, Conyers unmasks the authenticity that might otherwise be concealed by digital representations of oneself.  As...

January 8-10 at 8:30 pm, January 11 at 12 pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Faye Driscoll: Thank You For Coming: Space (Live Artery)

Faye Driscoll’s Thank You For Coming: Space is a shared rite of passage—a conjuring of the transformative powers of presence, and of absence. Space unfolds within an intimate installation, wired for sound and upheld by pulleys, ropes and the weight of others, where Driscoll appears alone with the...

January 11 at 9 pm & January 12 at 12 pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith: Body Comes Apart (Live Artery)

Body Comes Apart is a declaration of love, commitment, catharsis, and rage. Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith continue their ten year challenge of making work based in abstraction but in response to trauma, the work uses the potentialities of our bodies to challenge perceptions of female identity and...

Jan 11 at 2 pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Kathy Westwater: Rambler, Worlds Worlds A Part (Live Artery)

 Choreographer Kathy Westwater reprises portions of Rambler, Worlds Worlds A Part, her latest evening-length work. For this Live Artery showing, Westwater extends her exploration, which began over twenty years ago, of pain and the body, including the pain of others. Westwater invites the dance artists in the work...

Jan 13th at 5 pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Raphael Xavier: Sassafrazz (Live Artery)

Sassafrazz is an original composition of structured improvisation for four Breakers and four musicians. It focuses on the three stages of Break Life: birth, life, and death, that are represented by three styles of Breaking: Top, Footwork, and Ground Text.  Ken Swift, a pioneering B-boy from NYC, will...

Jan 13th at 2 pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Holly Bass: RACE: Talc & Ash (Detroit) (Live Artery)

RACE: Talc & Ash is a movement duet piece about gentrification, race and class. The original performance focused on Washington, DC. New iterations will explore Chelsea/Hudson Yards in New York and Detroit, MI. The performance is set up like a sporting event, complete with a pre-show tailgate party...

Jan 12th at 7:30 pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Milka Djordjevich: CORPS (Live Artery)

This showing includes work-in-progress excerpts of CORPS, a new work by Los Angeles-based choreographer Milka Djordjevich examining labor and the feminine body through the lens of regimented movement, and reveals similarities across traditional, militaristic, ritual, athletic, and folk movement forms. The work is a continuation of Djordjevich’s ongoing...

@ New York Live Arts Studios
A Prophets Tale (Live Artery)

What makes an Emcee? Is it the lyricism, their performance, or the way they’ve lived their lives? 7 Names draws attention to the life journey that shaped the thinking of who we lovingly refer to as “cultural alchemists”, ministers of a globally transformative form, whose lives epitomize ingenuity...

Jan 12th at 2 pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Colleen Thomas: Light and Desire (Live Artery)

Colleen Thomas will show two small works- Diane. Still. and a collaboration with Adriane Fang tiltled, Wake Up! Also on the program is an excerpt from light and desire where Thomas joins five women artists from Venezuela (Carla Forte), Hungary/Germany (Ildiko Toth), Poland (Joanna Lesnierowska), Albania/ Greece (Ermira...

Jan 11th at 7:30 pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Abby Z and the New Utility: Radioactive Practice (Live Artery)

RADIOACTIVE PRACTICE is the newest evening length work by Bessie award winning, choreographer Abby Zbikowski and her company Abby Z and the New Utility. This group work brings together a mosaic group of movers versed in forms ranging from hip-hop, modern dance, West African, tap, synchronized swimming, and ice skating...

Jan 12th at 8:30 pm, Jan 13th at 8 pm & Jan 14 at 7:30 pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Sean Dorsey: BOYS IN TROUBLE (Live Artery)

Trailblazing transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey returns to New York Live Arts for the NYC premiere of BOYS IN TROUBLE – at New York Live Arts for 3 performances only as part of a 20-city international tour. Sean Dorsey Dance’s timely and urgent commentary on contemporary masculinity places...

Jan 13th at 4 pm
Please note that reservation does not guarantee entry
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Yanira Castro | a canary torsi: Last Audience (Live Artery)

Enacted specifically and uniquely with and by each audience, Last Audience is a live laboratory for the communal work of what it means to conjure. Comprised of a set of unique scores written for each performance, the piece grapples with agency and...