Juliana F. May

Family Happiness

OFFSITE At The Chocolate Factory, 38-33 24th Street, Long Island City, NY
JAN 11-13, 7PM & JAN 14, 3PM
Tickets start at $25
Co-presented with The Chocolate Factory

Family Happiness continues Juliana May‘s decade-long investigation into body control and the complicated system of victimhood and perpetration. Pitting Post-Modern and Modernist choreographic strategies such as task and symbolism against pop cultural references of the 80s and 90s, this dance-text-song triptych delivers a space for culpability and catharsis.

Writer/Director/Choreographer: Juliana F. May

Performers: Leslie Cuyjet, Tess Dworman, Lucy Kaminsky, Molly Poerstel, Kayvon Pourazar

Lighting Designer: Chloë Z. Brown

Costume Designer: Mariana Valencia

Sound Designer: Tatyana Tenenbaum

Original songs by Juliana F. May in collaboration with the performers

Special musical contributions by Lucy Kaminsky

Produced by Shana Crawford


Family Happiness was originally co-commissioned by The Chocolate Factory Theater and Abrons Arts Center in 2023.