The Live Feed creative residency program is a laboratory for the development of new commissioned work directed toward our theater. Informal public showings offer a sneak peek into each resident artist’s process and ideas before they hit our stage. Each showing takes place within the intimate working space of the Live Arts studio and is followed by a discussion with the artist moderated by special guests and Live Arts staff.


OCT 10-13, 7:30pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Jennifer Nugent & Paul Matteson: another piece apart

NYC Premiere Jennifer Nugent and Paul Matteson, both Bessie Award-winning performers and former Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company dancers (2008-2014), are known for their phenomenal partnering work, creating duets that are intense, forceful, and passionate. Their latest duet, another piece apart, reflects on a history of a fractured togetherness and...

NOV 14-17, 7:30pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Bill Shannon: Touch Update

NYC Premiere Bill Shannon premieres Touch Update, a new work exploring contemporary modes of digital versus interpersonal representation and physicality. Touch Update “reverse engineers” Shannon’s virtuosic technique for dancing on crutches, as he dissects and dismantles the multiple online identities we create in order to mask and...

Feb 8 at 6pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Alexandra Chasin & Zishan Ugurlu: Live Feed In-Process - Fragments, Lists, & Lacunae

Alexandra Chasin and Zishan Ugurlu’s Fragments, Lists & Lacunae is a multi-media production focusing on three college students who are grappling with their own blind spots as well as the (resonant) concepts in a course entitled “Fragments, Lists, & Lacunae.” In each...

MAR 1, 6pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Jaamil Olawale Kosoko: Live Feed In-Process - Chameleon

Through a sequence of fabric and sound manipulations designed to obscure and reorganize how the Black body is witnessed and expressed in confined environments, Chameleon (The Chelsea Installments) examine the shapeshifting, illegible, and fugitive realities of Black diasporan people. The work explores how minoritarian communities record &...

MAR 6-9, 7:30pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith: Body Comes Apart

Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith present the New York City premiere of Body Comes Apart, an intimate duet based on a dynamic improvisational score. Lieber and Smith, who were nominated for a 2013 Bessie Award for Emerging...

MAR 14-16, 7pm
MAR 17, 3pm
Audio description Mar 16th
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Netta Yerushalmy: Paramodernities

Runtime: 4 hours with 2 intermissions The complete six-part encyclopedic series is a multidisciplinary work that weaves theory and performance into a four-hour-long hybrid event. Yerushalmy and a cast of 20 dancers and scholars, ranging in age from 20 to 68, perform deconstructed installments of Nijinsky’s Sacre (1913), Graham’s Night Journey...

APR 3-6, 7:30pm
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Kota Yamazaki/ Fluid hug-hug: Darkness Odyssey Part 3: Non-Opera, Becoming

World Premiere Darkness Odyssey Part 3, the final installment of Yamazaki’s Darkness Odyssey series, is a non-operatic celebration of the act of “becoming otherself.” Inspired by writings of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari and butoh pioneer Tatsumi Hijikata’s notion of “dance of darkness,” the series explores the...

Apr 17-20 & 24-27, 7:30 PM
@ New York Live Arts Theater
Kaneza Schaal: JACK & with The Cotillion

JACK & is a performance that considers the metric-less damages of being in prison; not the time one has served but the measure of one’s dreaming that is given to the state. The performance explores markers of transition and transformation, and draws on aspirational class stories like those in The...

APR 26, 6pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Yanira Castro | a canary torsi: Live Feed In-Process: Last Audience

Last Audience is a piece made with the audience. It grapples with questions of agency, manipulation and the complexity of choice inside a theatrical context. It utilizes, twists, and re-forms language from requiem masses on Last Judgement and from the Greek Tragedies of Aeschylus on democratic formation. Enacted specifically and uniquely with...

MAY 3, 6pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Raphael Xavier: Live Feed In-Progress - Sassafrazz: Roots to Mastery

Sassafrazz is a new evening-length dance inspired by the word sassafras: A dried root used for flavoring, early character based dance styles and flavor in Breaking and the privilege of maturing as a dancer in this form. With an original, improvisationally structured composition for 3 Breakers and 3...

MAY 17, 6pm
@ New York Live Arts Studios
Abby Z and the New Utility: Live Feed In-Process - Radioactive Practice

Radioactive Practice is the newest work by Juried Bessie award winning Illinois-based choreographer Abby Zbikowski, commissioned by New York Live Arts and set to premiere during their 2019-20 Season. This genre-bending dance for ten performers breaks down the physicality, socio-cultural functions and psychological states...