Green Initiative

As the window to reverse climate change narrows, every action (and non-action) matters. Climate policies on the national and international front are crucial, but so are our individual choices.

The Green Initiative was formed in Fall 2022 to examine, evaluate, and change every aspect of our organization in our aspiration towards a more sustainable future. It was a perfect time to launch this Initiative as we dove into the planning of Live Ideas 2023: Planet Justice – Are you here for it? The work is ongoing, and requires the collaboration and support of our staff, artists, crew, audience and partners.

Here are some of the steps we have taken:

  • Theatrical lighting switched to LED
  • Hospitality
    • using Cup Zero and compostable cups in the lobby bar and receptions
    • Switching to eco-friendly and organic snacks at the bar
    • eliminated single use plastic bottled beverages
  • Switched to eco-friendly janitorial products
  • Switching to recycled paper products (in process)
  • Created a Green Rider for the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company Touring
  • Created Green Guidelines for everyone who works, rehearses or performs at Live Arts.
  • Piloting Carbon Offset campaign

For our audience:

  • Our programs are available via QR codes in the lobby and in the pre and post show emails.
  • Avoid printing out your tickets and show them on your smartphone instead when entering the venue.
  • Please use the appropriate recycling bins and Cup Zero receptacles.
  • Please use public transportation if possible. We are near multiple subway and bus lines, as well as many Citi bike docks
  • Please bring a reusable water bottle. There is a bottle filler in the lobby by the elevator.
  • CARBON OFFSET CAMPAIGN Help us offset carbon emissions for the Live Ideas 2023.
  • Green Tips from the Green Initiative.
  • Slow Factory – our co-curator and partner for Live Ideas 2023: Planet Justice – Are you here for it? Check out Open Edu classes and the many amazing programs.

Resources for the performing arts industry

Broadway Green Alliance

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