Nadia Beugré


October 24-26, 7:30PM
Stay Late Conversation on October 25

Runtime: 55 minutes
Co-presented with L’Alliance New York’s Crossing The Line Festival

Are there spaces where we cannot go? Places that we do not have the right to explore? And if we penetrate them, what would happen, what would we become? Quartiers libres (free rein) explores and reveals those peculiar spaces we are trapped in, those forbidden places in which we choose to wander: spaces open to endless possibilities, spaces to submit and reveal.

12 years after its premiere in France, Nadia revisits this emblematic solo by inviting two young artists from the Ivorian scene to explore these moving territories, between Abidjan, Montpellier, New York and Minneapolis… Versatiles sounds and piles of plastic bottles mingle with bodies, burying and concealing them, but giving up is not an option.

Choreography: Nadia Beugré
Set Design: Nadia Beugré
Performancers: Nadia Beugré, Beyoncé, Kevin Sery
Dramaturgy: Boris Hennion
Costumes: Nadia Beugré & Boris Hennion
Light Design: Laurent Bourgeois & Erik Houllier
Light & Stage Manager: Beatriz Kaysel
Sound Landscape:» Mathieu Grenier
Executive production: Libr’Arts / Virginie Dupray

Special thanks: Choreographic National Center in Montpellier (France), Agora-Montpellier
Danse, Choreographic Development Center in Toulouse (France)
Libr’Arts is supported by the DRAC Occitanie – French ministry of Culture and Communication.
Nadia is associate artist to ICI CCN de Montpellier Occitanie (2023-2024).

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