Roderick George | kNoname Artist


OFFSITE At Gibney 280 Broadway, NY, NY
JAN 11-13, 7:30PM
Gibney Presents DoublePlus: Dual Rivet and Roderick George | kNonAme Artist
Mentor / Curator: Kyle Abraham

2023 NYFA Mertz Gilmore Foundation Dancer Award and 2021-22 YoungArts Fellow Awardee and Roderick George | kNoname Artist presents Venom, a new work inspired by the lasting impact of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic and the present events of the erasure of the LGBTQIA+ community. Venom exposes how the queer community faced silencing, isolation, being forced into hiding, and death through fear, media, and ‘God’s reckoning.’ As a queer Black man from Houston, Texas, George recognizes that his existence lies on the backs of these individuals and pays homage to his community in its ability to uplift each other using the underground nightlife as a sanctuary.

Artistic Director & Choreographer: Roderick George
Original Music: Slowdanger
Dancers: Nazear Brown, Roderick George, Joziah German, Alex Haskins, Nouhoum Koita, Kevin Shannon, Nat Wilson
Producer: Florent Trioux

Generously supported by Rockefeller Brothers Fund and YoungArts