Albert Ibokwe Khoza

The Black Circus of the Republic of Bantu

Live Arts Studio
January 11-13, 8PM
Tickets start at $25/ $15 for presenters
Runtime: 60 mins
Presented in partnership with Under The Radar
The Black Circus of the Republic of Bantu includes invited audience participation and loud sound. Upon entering the space, audience members will be invited to have their hands loosely tied together.

Immerse yourself in the captivating live experience of The Black Circus of the Republic of Bantu, created by 2023 Bessie Award-winning artist Albert Ibokwe Khoza, in collaboration with African Entertainers. This unforgettable show sheds light on the violent and shameful history of ethnological expositions, which were once widespread in Western society. Through this powerful performance, Khoza delves into the impact of the imperial and colonial gaze on Black bodies, both in the past and present. This unique show pays witness to the ongoing pain caused by historical and persistent racism, while also engaging in collective healing and the reclamation of dignity.

Presented in partnership with Under the Radar, Mark Russell, Festival Director & ArKtype, Festival Producer. More information at 

We pay tribute to the spirit of Sarah Baartman and the many Africans whose lives and bodies were turned into a spectacle for white supremacist pleasure. We pay homage to our ancestry who gave up everything for the benefit of the world at large.