Mollét Contemporary Ballet

Mollét Contemporary Ballet


Artist Statement:

As a choreographer it is my duty to present works that speak to the human experience. I choreograph in relation to the physical and emotional connection of a human life in an effort to create dialogue that can heal, nurture, inspire, question and/or change the very existence and perceptions of the world around us. The very essence of humanity be it love, pain, justice, equality, freedom, compassion, anger, joy etc are what I embody in my work. I utilize these concepts to challenge personal viewpoints, social and political normalites and bring awareness to the very need to live and exist free from scrutiny of our differences.

In my works I utilize quirky, innovative and dynamic movement qualities that portray the beauty within the ugliness. This is used to symbolize the raw quality of life in its ugly yet beautiful form. I incorporate simple lighting that aims to focus on the story of the piece rather than the theatrics which draws the audience in more to the content of what they are viewing. I choose musical selections that charge emotional recall in the viewer that goes along with the theme of the production being presented and I choose costumes that will align with the characteristics I wish to portray. This is all done to take the audience from their personal world into another realm where their reality no longer exists and all that’s left is the purity of what they are viewing on stage. In this state of mind one casts away judgement and attaches oneself to the emotion allowing for a more pure connection. It is and always will be my desire to produce works that spark dialogue and brings about more positive and effective change.

Title of new work:
Description of new work:

indifference brings the spotlight to the human ability to turn a blind eye to things that we feel do not directly affect us. This piece takes a daring look into society and raises the question….if something affects one of us, shouldn’t it affect us all?

Through its unconventional approach, Indifference treats the audience as the onlookers as they watch the unfolding of the human struggle right before their very eyes. Indifference will be comprised of 6 sections each with its own unique voice that lends to the overall arch of the ballet. There will be a color scheme of skin tones and grays to bring in the raw nature. The only props for this ballet will be a cluster of clear boxes that will descend from the sky and Incase the dancers at one point in the ballet while another dancer walks on top of them. This ballet will be filled with stunning visual affects and a raw, unearthing approach to movement that will challenge the senses. It will be accompanied by a mixture of compositions from Steve Reich and Max Richter.

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Company dancers:

Yurie Nishi

Reginald Webber

Diane Auriol

AnnieMarie white

Kimberly Olson

Akiho Takeda

Work examples:

Title: Train to Disaster Link:

Title: Time Loop  Link:

Title: One Single Moment (work in progress)    Link:

Title: Dame En Attent (work in progress)   Link: