UnFiNiShEd aNiMaL

April 25 – April 27
APRIL 25, 7:30PM; 26 – 27, 9PM
Live Gallery installation opening reception on APRIL 11, 5:30PM; on view until august 2024

UnFiNiShEd aNiMaL is a party and multimedia performance that uses the vibrant aesthetics of queer nightlife culture to reveal how cognitive bias connects us all. This is a journey toward wholeness, through bass, bars, and ecstatic bodies in motion. UnFiNiShEd aNiMaL tells the story of humanity coming to grips with our collective inheritance, a ramshackle meshwork of cognitive processes evolved to survive, not for self-awareness. An interdisciplinary approach invites the audience to meditate on what might be unfinished about human cognition and how these biases keep us from building a better world together.

The theater will be transformed into a club and immerse the audience in an audio-visual-dance, featuring  original music, interactive video design, and a healthy dose of vinyl. UnFiNiShEd aNiMaL uses a combined lens of media studies, gender studies, and interpersonal neurobiology to unpack the benefits of the consciousness-building techniques in vogue, house, and the four elements of hip hop–DJ, bboy, emcee, graffiti (via video projection). Join us for the evening-length party and performance in the theater, visit the lobby installation for the month leading up to the premiere, and during the week of the shows don’t miss the popup shop for the UnFiNiShEd aNiMaL clothing line launch, ECSTATIC AESTHETICS.

Virtual Reality: Eva Davidova
Dance, Choreography: Jason A. Rodriguez
Creative Director, Transmedia: MX OOPS [NONFATAL_ERROR]
Hair, Makeup: Rodrigo Salles
Video, Photography: Sekou Luke Studio
Music, Vocal Artist: STEFA*
Music, Animation, Performance: Tr!ggered