Soomi Kim

Soomi Kim


As a Korea born, NYC based actor/movement artist/choreographer/theatre maker, I am passionate about telling stories that lend to the American Theater landscape, expressed through a female Asian American lens. I am interested in breaking boundaries in creative practice as well as form. My work has taken shape in the following ways: biographical and autobiographical narratives most often integrating a variation of the disciplines of dance, video projection, text and music. I relish collaboration, creating work from the ground up. Reflecting on past works, the themes that have emerged for me are exploring the lives of characters who live in a world between worlds: metaphorically, geographically, spiritually and professionally. I’m always curious and pushing myself to take on challenges to make work that is audacious, genre, gender and boundary blurring yet anchored in a strong narrative. I love and relish in the discovery of; the language that unfolds through the artistic process.

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Project Description of Gymnasts: Body Through Which the Dream Flows

Alongside being a performer and lead artist of my hybrid performance projects, I have also worked as a competitive J.O. (L6-10) gymnastics coach/choreographer at Chelsea Piers for 15 years. When the horrific sexual abuse scandal broke about Larry Nassar, I was furious. But rather than label these young athletes as shamed victims, my instinct was to CELEBRATE the beauty of the sport, their young female bodies, their dynamic personalities and astounding abilities. I know that this project is unchartered territory and that merging my two professions right now feels right.

When I learned that the title of the 2nd movement of composer John Adam’s “Violin Concerto, Shaker Loops” was “The Body Which Through the Dream Flows” I immediately envisioned gymnasts dancing to this dissonant yet beautiful composition. Inspired by the motif of musical movements, I imagine Gymnasts…. to include several movements and will be equal parts concert “dance/gymnastics” and devised theater. This past July, I held a free devised theatre and movement workshop for gymnasts that I coach. We had an informal showing in August and post talk back with the parents who were invited to observe. Still at the beginning stages of the process, my plan moving forward is to interview gymnasts whose ages will range from 6-60, to transcribe the interviews as well as develop text through prompts. I plan to do a series of in depth videotaped interviews and another workshop in the spring of 2019.