Vagh-Levine Musicals presents 'Love in Louisiane'

Vagh-Levine Musicals presents 'Love in Louisiane'


The artistic migrations of Vagh and Levine going from the United States, Australia, and Europe, all the time merging their experiences and research in diverse artistic practices have been the result of their transdisciplinary and cross-border creativity over the last 30 years. Intertwining languages and music styles,  questioning themes such as the meaning of cultures, of difference, of struggles and of environment and bringing them together in a harmonious way through theatre, music, dance, film and visual art in a modern unique way while maintaining traditions from the past and present. In our musical comedy /opera “Love in Louisiane”, we have concentrated our talent in this specific theatrical genre to reflect the prospect of a New World bringing together on the stage cultural diversity in a groundbreaking collaborative form and style with performing artists from all over the world, sharing with the audience the spirit of joining together, communication and acceptance.

Le Monde – France

“This is truly a new world opera!…we wish them a great success.”




Viviane Vagh Franco-Australian visual and performing artist and author

 After studying acting in France and England with well-known directors such as Antoine Vitez, Daniel Mesguich and John Strasberg in places such as Ecole de Chaillot, RADA and The Actors Center in London, Viviane Vagh became an actress in the French National Theatres.  Over the past 20 years, she has also become a visual artist, a theatre director, experimental filmmaker, and has written scripts and lyrics in English and French. She works and lives in Paris with her husband, Jonathan Levine, who is a composer and writer.

Active and passionate, she participates as an artist in International events such as Marseille-Provence European Capital of Culture 2013, the Paris Nuit Blanche (White Night), Fête de la Lumière (The Festival of Light) in Chartres, the Athens video arts international festival and International experimental film festivals.

Viviane was the grand winner of Abstracta International Film Exhibition Rome in 2011 for her film “Comingout”.

Viviane has been committed to transmitting and supporting creative endeavors, especially led by young people and women, she was President of Women in Film and Television France (1994-1997), has taught acting classes in drama schools, led master classes in art and mentors art projects in development.

She is published in Senses of Cinema,

CNRS Éditions: Esthétique et complexité  

La Plus  Grande Pièce du Monde including 143 authors   Les editions L’Amandiers .

 Main Filmography : Series Petite” (2000-06, 50’8 Super 8),  Super 8 Experience, Paris-Beaubourg (2004-05, 5 ‘30), Ombres et Lumières (2005, 4’37),  Fidèles au R.D.V. (2005-06, 6’), Soulsearching (2006, 6’08), Le Monde de Weimu Li (2006, 3’), Now You See Me, Now You Don’t  (2007, 7’18),  Ground Zero (2005-08, 10’),  Free Women (2008-09, 8 ’37),   Where did Maria Go ? (2009, 3’43), Jenny Alpha Toujours Vivante (video 2011, 52’), Coming Out (2011, 7‘ 30), Paris, Paris  (2012, 4’08), A Certain Place {Inside} (2013, 7’ 28), the realization of           40 videos about artists around the Mediterranean for Marseille 2013 Musée Granet Aix en Provence. (2011-2013).

Main Installations/Performances: Melancholie D’un Jour, (Galerie Bièvre, Paris 2005), La Lanterne Magique (Nuit Blanche, Paris, 2005), TRILOGY Beachcombers (Paris Nuit Blanche, Chartres, Melbourne, Athens, 2006-07,08,09), Presence/Presents (Australian Embassy, Nuit Blanche, Paris 2012), Sans Titre, for the exhibition Cadavre Exquis, diptych video Installation 10’ and Oran Pamuk, video (Musée Granet, Aix en Provence 2013), Intuito Palimpsest (Gotlands Konstmuseum, Sweden 8’ Super 8, 2014) Seule la Nuit, triptych video installation (2015 Villa Tamaris, La Seyne sur Mer) Vie Intérieure, installation vidéo diptyque (2015, L’Abbaye Royale de St Riquier, Baie de Somme) Le cas du sac  live performance video  Cette après-midi on improvise, (Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris 2015, within the Cop 21) .



Jonathan Levine, American musician, composer

Jonathan was the principal songwriter and founding member of “Two Bucks ‘n Change,” a Colorado-based country rock band. 2 albums, 2 western US tours, 3 national television and numerous radio appearances.

He became the singer/songwriter and band leader for “Fiddlin’ Red,” a European-based band which released 2 albums and had national television appearances in Germany, Switzerland, France, Iceland and Japan. He was a featured performer at the Cannes Film Festival: Camera d’Or Presentations.

He lives between the US and Paris and has worked with his wife Viviane Vagh on their mutual artistic projects over 25 years.  Jonathan has been composing and playing for her films (including 20 videos on artists for Marseille European Cultural Capital 2013) and their performances and installations exhibited all over the world.

Jonathan Levine has conceived and composed all the music for “Love In Louisiane – A New World Opera” co-created with Viviane Vagh,  which was presented as a work in progress in Paris and proved to be a big success.

He has recently composed the music for two films by the French film critic, Raphael Bassan published by ReVoir to come out in 2017.

He recently composed 33 one minute songs for ‘Professor Fuzzy, the only Professor who teaches English playing the violin.’ Bought by the French Electric Company EDF