Ana Vujanović and Saša Asentić

Ana Vujanović is a freelance worker — theorist, researcher, writer, lecturer, organizer, dramaturge — in contemporary performing arts and culture, based in Berlin/Hamburg/Belgrade. She holds Ph.D. in Theatre Studies, and is a member of the editorial collective of TkH (Walking Theory) platform, Belgrade, and chief editor of TkH Journal for Performing Arts Theory. She publishes regularly in journals such as TkH, Maska, Frakcija, Teatron, Performance Research and TDR as well as in collections and is the author of four books, most recently Public Sphere by Performance, with Bojana Cvejić. She is currently international visiting professor at the Dpt. for Human Movement/Performance Studies, University Hamburg. In recent years her research interest has been focused on the intersections between performance and politics in the neoliberal capitalist societies.

Saša Asentić works as a freelance performance maker and curator. His work was presented at different festivals and art centers in New York City, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Hamburg and other cities across Europe. He collaborates with Ana Vujanović, Xavier Le Roy, Eszter Salamon, Olivera Kovačević Crnjanski and others. In 2005, he founded Per.Art an organization that deals with production and promotion of contemporary performing arts in Serbia. In 1999, he founded Art and Inclusion, a program for people with learning disabilities in Novi Sad, Serbia. He is the artistic director of Nov.ples, a contemporary dance festival in Novi Sad; he was the director of the biannual dance festival Balkan Dance Platform 2009, and the co-curator of IN-presentable 2009 festival in Madrid. Currently he is an artist-in-residence at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany.