Ari Melenciano

Ari Melenciano is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist, designer, creative technologist and humanist who is endlessly passionate and curious of the possibilities that lie at the intersection of human-computer interactive technology, art, design and education.
Outside of class, Ari is building a line of experimental “neo-retro” digital analog cameras, Ojo Oro; founder and producer of the New Media Arts, Culture and Technology Festival, Afrotectopia; founder and director of Publics.School, a platform exploring experimental methods to disseminate social justice issues, working on the first project called Justice Factory, an interactive data visualization platform for activists that was recently awarded the Fellowship (2018);  founder of AricianoTV, an online video tutorial channel on creative coding; and a VJ/DJ (in the duo, GVÖ), with a residency in Brooklyn, NYC.