BalaSole Dance Company

BalaSole Dance Company, founded in February 2010 by Roberto Villanueva, is a multi-genre and all-inclusive dance company.  Since its official incorporation in July 2010 as an educational non-profit dance organization, the company has presented informational sessions and performances for the general public at prominent New York City dance venues such as the Baryshnikov Arts Center's Jerome Robbins Theater, the Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater, and Tribeca Performing Arts Center. To date, the company has held four concert seasons featuring at least 41 underrepresented dance artists performing solo pieces that range from ballet, contemporary, flamenco, to African dance.

Mr. Villanueva established BalaSole Dance Company in order to address the imbalances that he saw in the field of concert dance since he began dancing at the age of 19.  He faced many heartbreaking rejections at dance auditions because of his size, but refused to give up his dream of becoming a professional concert dance artist.  After 21 years in the field, he decided to make it his personal goal to seek out other overlooked or marginalized dance artists and help make their dreams become a reality. He also wanted to give maturing artists like himself an opportunity to extend their performing careers.  He has always believed that artistry only gets better with age.