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We’ve all been through times when immense growth and significant challenge seem to go hand-in-hand. Commonly, we look back at these experiences as positive building blocks in our lives. But did you feel you had to keep private and deal with things all on your own? Did you worry how people would judge you if you admitted that you were less than happy and content all the time?
My new project, Core-ography, tackles these questions through dance. We’ll travel the globe to tell dancer’s defining stories and promote the idea that it can be positive to share life’s most revelatory moments. Our Core-ography channel will be easily accessible on Youtube, making it available to audiences worldwide.


Barry Kerollis is a freelance choreographer based out of Philadelphia. His career began in 2003 with Houston Ballet and continued with Pacific Northwest Ballet the following year, where he danced for seven seasons. Since moving to Philadelphia in 2011, Barry has performed as a Principal Guest Artist with many companies and projects across the nation. Barry has also held the position of Interim Artistic Director of Alaska Dance Theatre.

Barry’s accomplishments in choreography include being selected to create a work at the National Choreographers Initiative (2014) and an Outstanding Choreographer award at the Youth America Grand Prix (2015). Beyond these achievements, he has created works for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Seattle’s “Men in Dance” festival, Alaska Dance Theatre (in collaboration with the Alaska Native Heritage Center), and four works for Pacific Northwest Ballet and it’s school in the company’s annual choreographer’s showcase.

As a choreographer, Barry pulls greatly from his background working with the neo-classically influenced and contemporary-charged Pacific Northwest Ballet. During his time with the company and, following that, working as a freelance dancer, he has been greatly influenced by working with great contemporary choreographers like Twyla Tharp, Mark Morris, Victor Quijada, Robert Moses, Amy Seiwert, Loni Landon, Roni Koresh, and many more. These influences have mixed with his background to help create a style that is uniquely contemporary mixed with neo-classical elements.


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