Bjorn G. Amelan

Photo of Bjorn G Amelan sitting in a circle cutout in a concrete wall. They are curled up, wearing a hat and black trench coat.

Bjorn G. Amelan was the partner of the later fashion designer Patrick Kelly from 1983 until Mr. Kelly passed away on January 1, 1990. Mr. Amelan moved to the United States to begin his collaboration with Bill T. Jones in 1993. He has designed sets for the following works by Bill T. Jones: Green and Blue (1997) for the Lyon Opera Ballet; How! Do! We! Do! (1999) for Bill T. Jones and Jessye Norman, in conjunction with the Lincoln Center’s Great Performers Show (1999), You Walk? (2000), The Table Project (2001), Another Evening (2002), Verbum (2002), World Without/In (2002), Black Suzanne (2002), Reading, Mercy and The Artificial Nigger (2003), Mercy 10 x 8 on a Circle (2003), Chaconne (2003) and Blind Date (2005) for the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company. Mr. Amelan is the recipient of the 2001 New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award for his designs of The Breathing Show and The Table Project.