Casa Cruz de la Luna Theater Company

Considered one of the most vital experimental theatre companies on the Island, Casa Cruz de la Luna is based in an old house in the historical district of San German, Puerto Rico.  Its productions have traveled to:  Havana, London, Lima, Santo Domingo, Amsterdam and various cities in the U.S.  Their work has encompassed everything from daring new approximations of the classic works of García Lorca, Maeterlinck, Cervantes, Borges, Beckett and Aeschylus, to plays by Puerto Rican contemporary authors like José Liboy, Mayra Santos Febres, Lina Nieves Avilés and Aravind Enrique Adyanthaya.  Under Adyanthaya´s direction, the group has developed a training and research program on theatre and technology, also expanding their explorations to the use of a variety of alternative spaces and to the study of trance and chaos onstage.

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